The Tongue Of Delilah

Oh Samson! Your birth was a blessing
Blessed be thy mother who breastfed thee.
How gladden become of my heart when it hears thy name ‘Samson’
Come sing me a psalm no mind had seen.
For thy speech and wisdom will forever coo me
As thy presence cools me.

Oh Samson! How sweet thy name have sounded on my lips for time being.
Like the strawberry, I’ve painted thy name upon them
To let the world know you’re the only one for me
And to let my tongue continually taste of thy sweetness.

Oh Samson! Lie not to me anymore
Come lie with me
Come rest those dreaded dreadlocks that has not being defiled
Upon these virgin laps of mine.

Oh Samson! You who finishes thy enemies in no time
Thy strength no man can stand.
For how long will I bind thee with these hopeless ropes
That you break like a thread.

Oh Samson! Why did you deliver thyself unto thy enemies?
How I miss thy company!
Who will accompany me through these lion invaded paths of life?
Who will wipe these tears you alone can drink?

Oh Samson! Mind not if I join thee?
For I know thy blinded eyes hunger for me.
But how can I come to thee
When these ropes before me have lost their strengths?

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