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evils don't live

Evils Don’t Exist

“Christiana! You won’t kill me o!” Iya Basira yelled loudly, as she stared disdainfully at the poor girl. Christiana suddenly fidgeted at the sight of being caught, as she hid in the small room of the canteen –it was the most secured part of the place in which they commonly called Store, because it was … Continue reading Evils Don’t Exist

how we

Pleasure - She Likes It?

“There is a moment during rape, when the girl feels the pleasure too” Dukan’s friends had stated that clearly in his ears several times, but he had doubted, because it sounded impossible. The times he felt the urge, he subdued it. Dukan held himself powerfully against his wish because he couldn’t rape, he couldn’t bare … Continue reading Pleasure - She Likes It?


Some Fortunes

Mrs. Alga was sitting outside her room, picking beans. As she picked, she separated only dirts, chaffs and stones, the other category that would normally have been disqualified by any other average Nigerian, were those beans that had been badly shaped, or with deep hollows, but as she picked, Mrs. Alaga didn’t care about separating … Continue reading Some Fortunes


You’ll Like It! (4)

Part 4 18+      PLEASE! (This Series is not suitable for anyone below 18)   ‘See? See what you’ve done to him?’ Mr. Chukwu was saying angrily to his wife who was now pacing alongside him, at the hospital reception. His arms crossed behind his back, and he stopped every now and then to stare in the … Continue reading You’ll Like It! (4)