Letter To My Husband

Dear Husband,

How are you? it’s been a while- twenty something years and you are still AWOL, what have you been up to? Where have
you overlooked?

My mother taught me to wait, wait patiently for you to return from war- life war where you fight with challenges, and circumstances and not with guns.

How are the other warriors? hope they are strong as you are?

Dear husband, I have found my purpose, have I found yours? My life is kinda peaceful and with a direction. I am in a relationship, a relationship that can’t be broken by anything or anyone. My partner is the best anyone can have. I hope and pray you have met Him too.
He is teaching me how to be better. He is guiding and guarding me. I err sometimes, he forgives.
He believes in me.
He loves me much more than I love myself. You will understand this love if you have met Him.

He says I am to be your helper. I chuckle whenever He calls me a bride.

He said I should enjoy my single days. I am doing just that. I am living, loving and growing.

My time is still ticking, I haven’t stopped counting the seconds, the
minutes, the hours, the days, the weeks and the months. it’s been
months, yes even years.

Dear Husband, sometimes I wonder, do you ever think of me?
I imagine what you would look like, do you do same? guess what! mother
says am pretty, she says my smiles are beautiful and can lift a burden. I
can’t wait for you to confirm it. I believe it.
When you tell me, then I will believe it more.

Dear husband, have you thought about how many kids we would have? I have
thought about them, maybe three or four.
Have you thought about their sexes? Yes, I have. Boys and girls as they
may come, maybe more girls.

Dear Husband, I have not seen you but I know you. I have held you but I
already adore you. Though it’s still a dream but you seem so real, I
know you are coming home soon.
I will be here, waiting for you alone.

Your darling wife

6 thoughts on “Letter To My Husband” by Maureen Alikor (@Wailingink)

  1. Hmmmmm…What can I say. Kool write up. This was meant to be a poem but it turned out to be a real letter, because it lacked the elements of poetry.

    Apart from the fact that it was arranged in verses it wasn’t too poetic.
    Imagined if you made the pleasantries a verse.

    Check this out. I aint trying to rewrite the poem for you.

    “Oh Dear husband! Oh Dear husband! Oh Dear husband!

    How are you? it’s been quite a while.
    Twenty something years and you are still AWOL, What have you been up to?
    Where have you overlooked with so much gusto?

    This is just me being ny poetic self.

    I was concerned with this verse or sentence to be precise.

    My mother taught me to wait, wait patiently for
    you to return from war- life war where you fight
    with challenges, and circumstances and not
    with guns.

    “war of life” would have been okay here

    Left to me you wouldn’t have explained what kind of war of life that you were refering to.

    It apeared as though you were repeating yourself.

    You could have been more creative with this.

    This just what I think.

    It could have been better. I am a poet myself.

    Keep on writing.

  2. Yea, kinda agree with Prince, the format could be improved and sentences reduced to flow better.
    However, nice idea. wasn’t what I thought and I was pleasantly surprised. Well done @WAILINGINK

  3. Dear Wife, You are so creative.
    Your pretend husband, Flawless.

  4. This was something @wailingink. But somewhere down the line, I kinda forgot I was reading poetry. You’re good, Maureen, but this can certainly be better. 🙂

  5. i will echo every one else. I enjoyed this, but it did not really read like poetry. Read like a letter instead.

  6. Thank you to everyone who read and gave their views.
    I agree it didn’t look like poetry, I just wrote as I was led.

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