• She made her way from nothing… Can’t fault her for wanting something…

    The Dream’s voice wafted through the air waves as Aisha danced slowly, surely and seductively. This was her song. She slipped off her […]

  • Hey… haven’t written here in a while so I thought to post something from the blog I share with an amazing friend… Here goes… :)
    Slavery isn’t a crime perpetuated by one race against another. At least not […]

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    LOL! HAHAHA… I love the part about girls being men… Somehow I agree with your idea of how it would be… hahaha… This was funny.

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    I like the story but the way you told it felt a bit rushed. One second she was nine and before we could catch our breath, she was Mama Mecca. The rush also prevented you from developing some parts such as how she fell in love, instead making it seem forced, quick and unrealistic. I […]

  • Wow… That’s an interesting way of seeing the characters. I chose not to wirte about politics because I couldn;t do it without penning an opinion piece, instead of fiction. I sat down to write a story and this is what came. Thanks for complimenting my courage even though I’m not quite sure why you think […]

  • Yeah… I didn’t want to go all political so I stuck with the theme of making choices instead.

    FINALLY… SOMEONE KNOWS WHAT I MEAN ABOUT THE SPACES. It’s like Naija stories is haunted and some poltergeist comes and moves your spaces after you’re done… LOL.

  • @Admin… I do hit enter… The spaces just disappear after I paste them into the submission page. Even when I try to space them out afterwards like @Ukamaka Olisakwe suggested, by the time it goes through, it’s all shrunken together again when I go back to check it. Thanks for helping, anyway. I’ll try Ukamaka’s suggestion […]

  • Na wa o… All you people won’t let somebody win this contest… HABA! LOL… I really liked this. I love the end as well… The right amount of “incompleteness” that just leaves a reader wanting more… Well done.

  • This is fantastic. I loved it. When I started, I was trying to figure out where the theme of the contest would present itself but by the end, I was convinced. Well done. This is a winning piece.

  • Oh wow… Thanks for letting my entry through… At first I was a bit worried about whether the editors would agree with my own take on making choices but I’m happy they did. I have a question, though. @Admin, how do I space out the paragraphs? I have a bit of a pet peeve for making […]

  • Oh God… It’s him. This can’t be happening. “Hi…” That voice. Those eyes. They’re doing the same thing they’ve always done. Weaken me. They disarm. They pierce… Yet, somehow they comfort. They reassure. They make me feel safe. This is wrong. I can’t look at him. I quickly divert my gaze to the floor beneath […]

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    I meant to say “Personally, I foudn the subject matter of the story more compelling than the story itself”. Manic typing… lol. :)

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    Personally, I found the subject matter of the story than the story itself (if that makes sense). I applaud the fact that you tackled such an issue, especially considering how homophobic our society is. The description of how he realised he is gay wasn’t so convincing for me, though. Like someone else said, using the […]

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    Thanks Afro-Prince. That wasn’t meant to be taken literally, though… I was just referring to a sense of feeling confused, even flustered. If one felt like they could literally taste light, that would be evidence of insanity.

  • She’s everything of womankind,

    Her voice and silence even woo mankind.

    That couplet is fantastic. I’ve never heard anything like that before so it stood out for me in the poem.

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  • Aaah… Hit the enter button to early… I see you are one for constructive criticism so check out some of my stuff and let me know what you think. It’s nice to have comments like “This is nice” or “I liked this” but sometimes you need specific and honest criticism to help you grow. I […]

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