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Apr 102011

I see walking men in this little Masterpiece

Men moving in drizzling figures of Aliens

Robotic creatures that beats my imagination

All in this Photograph


I hear footsteps

Footsteps of men matching on waters

I never knew the sound of waters to be that loud!

Louder than empty barrels

I see them rehearsing……

Rehearsing songs of war, songs of liberation

All in this photograph


What are they singing?

O! They are going to war……!

They are pulling down the strong-holds

They are advocating for change


Wait a minute…….Are they Africans?

It seems they are calling for a rebirth

It seems they are tired of exploitation

O! They are youths

I hear their provoking utterances

All in this photograph


Wait! Their leader wants to speak

What’s he saying?

O! did he say genocide….?

Genocide for evil leaders?


No….Not at all

I never observed the photograph to be….

of an ancestral nature

It has gone through hands of many generations

Hands that have failed to trace the history of

Its source

A passing generation without a vision.


Look! Where is the leader going?

He is taking the mantle…..

Their voice must be heard

The voice of an African Child

O! They’ve pulled down the strong man


Perhaps…It wouldn’t have lasted this long

If one of our Fathers said all I now see

They only paid tributes in memory of the photographer

They praised his masterpiece

And ignored his call

Call for redemption, Call for change

All in this photograph….



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  1. Thought provoking piece, you got here Bruh. I enjoyed reading this, especially the ending…..Good job

  2. @adesoji, you did a great job here capturing the wind of political change, well done

    check this line:
    Footsteps of men matching [MARCHING] on waters

  3. I echo Lancaster and xikay that this is a great effort that captures the current situation in our country. I like the rallying call therein as well, and the prophetic optimism. This poem can be powerfully performed!

    Technically, you might want to look again at the word ‘drizzling’ in the second line of the first stanza. Maybe you meant to write ‘dizzying?’ If so, it works well! Or you may find another word that will lift that line.

    You also have some capitalisation that you didn’t follow through the poem. You may want to look at those as well.

    Well done!

  4. I like how this poem relates to the predicament of the nation at the moment; the youths are ‘marching’ indeed, and victory is near.

  5. A big thank you to all for you glad not because my work receives compliment but for the fact that the message I pass across is been understood I see change coming soon. By the story continues watch out for THE PHOTOGRAPH 2

  6. The change cometh….



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