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Black Girl, you’re more Beautiful than you think

Dear black girl, Your African skin is a rare gem to behold, With depth and richness of melanin it bears. Those who have seen you in person can testify of your stunning ebony beauty, So be comfortable in wearing your black skin. You are different and way more beautiful than you can imagine. You think … Continue reading Black Girl, you’re more Beautiful than you think

Power Failure

Power Failure

The most apt metaphor to describe My beautiful country, Nigeria, is darkness. Black is beautiful, as our complexions are dark. It is so dark in here because there is no light. It is the kind of darkness that defies court orders; It will break the laws of Physics or any other law. Decades ago, because … Continue reading Power Failure

There Was A Country

There was a country There was hope It was a new leaf A new dawn. Finally The children’s future were bright. And brothers envisaged posterity. Well, why wouldn’t it be? Liberty, after calamity would only birth prosperity. Alas! That vision wouldn’t become history. For verily, As the ghouls were cast out. Demons arose! Greedy, callous … Continue reading There Was A Country