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If My People Pray…

Pray for your country! Leave Merlin and Harry potter and Vampire diaries. I’m watching the enemy wave imminent destruction in our faces and we ignore the threat like rookies. Pray for your country! Kim Kardashian doesn’t know you and probably never will. Whether or not you spend idle hours yakking about the flaws of others … Continue reading If My People Pray…

Economic Condition Of My Country

(this is my view in a poetic form, hope you’ll enjoy it) World! If world was made by Dell Then www.dell.com/troubleshooting Will tell me what is wrong With the world And that is why I know not what to be done Whether to consult Ifa, the wise one Or to perform ablution and count tasbih … Continue reading Economic Condition Of My Country

It seems Like A Crime To Be A Lady

It seems like a crime To be a lady Or female or feminine For exactly At the age of forty I’ll be loosing everything: My strenght, My youthfulness, My beauty, My cherished croniness My husband used to fall for So if menopause should come Let it come at the age of seventeen For it is … Continue reading It seems Like A Crime To Be A Lady

Taking Cues from Micheal Jordan’s 63 points

Taking Cues from Micheal Jordan’s 63 points

His Sixty- three points didn’t win the game for him and his team mates .And the loss to Boston Celtics on that fateful day would have made all his efforts[dribbles,passes,rebounds,assists,lay ups,dunks,shots,fast breaks,smoke screen,screams and shots] worthless but that actually earned him a place in history as one of the greatest basket ball players that ever … Continue reading Taking Cues from Micheal Jordan’s 63 points

The Last Komole: Final Part

DJ Blaze must have been reading my mind, for all of a sudden, while we were all alingo-ing, etighi-ing and azonto-ing to P-Square’s Alingo, he suddenly switched the music. “Bobo no go die, unless to ba d’arugbo! Bobo, Bobo, Bobo, Bobo, Bobo no go die unless to ba d’arugbo!” Our reaction to King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall … Continue reading The Last Komole: Final Part

Let Us Pray

Let Us Pray

A friend once shared an experience she had years back in Texas. She narrated how she attended a church, dominated by blacks, and I could bet by many Nigerians too, and the prayer point kept focusing on immigration issues. The pastor would call for prayer for those who needed their papers regularized, those who had … Continue reading Let Us Pray