The poor quality of Nollywood movie scripts (11 posts)

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  • Profile picture of Tola Odejayi Tola Odejayi said 1 year, 8 months ago:

    I would not describe myself by any stretch of the imagination as a Nollywood fan.

    It’s not because I don’t enjoy hearing stories out of Nigeria - else why would I be on this forum?

    It’s not because of the technical quality of the movies, as poor as that may be - I get that many movies are filmed on a tight budget.

    No, the number one reason I’m wary of watching Nigerian movies is the very poorly written storylines that I encounter sometimes.

    Take this movie that I watched the other day - Naked Sin. It started well enough, with a poor-man-interested-in-rich-girl storyline. Then midway into the movie, it veered off into a storyline about necrophilia - and as if that wasn’t enough, the act of necrophilia was presented as something that would save a town from impending disaster in a titanic battle between the forces of Good and Evil. Truly, it was a mess.

    So I am curious about the process of approving these scripts. Do the writers show them to at least one other person, if only for a quick review? How to actors agree to act in films whose storylines make no sense? Or is it just me, do are stories where having sex with a dead woman to save a town actually make sense?

  • Profile picture of Raymond Raymond said 1 year, 8 months ago:

    For me, Nollywood scripts are nothing but Recycled ‘shit’. At least most of them are. Forgive the vulgarity, but that’s the way I feel about them. I remember those days when I used to spend My Sundat afternoons glued to my TV screen, watching Nollywood Top 10. Now, we can’t even dream of doing a Top 500! In an interview, Idris Elba said this about Nollywood movies.

    “Whether Elba would actually venture into African films though, is another question. He says his parents have OBE, the West African TV channel, on all the time. But the offerings of “Nollywood” – Nigeria’s answer to Bollywood – are something Elba clearly only watches under duress.

    “Different strokes for different folks,” he says, laughing. “My parents love those films, they relate to them. But for me… the mistakes in continuity, the music playing over the dialogue the whole time, and there is always a central character who is an African woman screaming! Always!”

    This sums it all up. 9ja movies are nothing but producers attempting to flog a dead horse. They’ve been working with the same them for almost 2 decades now! Some of them are getting better, but we really need something different on our screens.

  • Profile picture of Mercy Ilevbare Mercy Ilevbare said 1 year, 8 months ago:

    I stopped watching nollywood movies when I realized all I did was criticize them and get angry.There were quite a few great ones in the not too distant past, movies like “out of Bounds”, “Violated”, “The Gardener”, “A mother’s love” and even “Domitilla”.They had great story lines, brilliant cast members and intelligent dialogues. These days, they are just not worth my time. Maybe it’s the desire to shoot and release a movie in 2 weeks (on the side of the producers), maybe it’s their reluctance to pay for good scripts or the fact that the industry is filled with unqualified people who think the only qualification for being a movie producer/director/writer is the amount of money they have…I really don’t know, but whatever their reasons, the nollywood industry is slowly becoming a source of embarassment to me, because it is beginning to really influence how people see us around the world.

  • Profile picture of uchechukwu obiakor uchechukwu obiakor said 1 year, 8 months ago:

    i don’t really think nigerian movies got anything called script.somebody would just wake up one morning,then arrange for characters,call up a director.location would behind his back yard.what’s next?marketers at iweka or idumota scramble to sell the shit to the innocent nigerian audience.

  • Profile picture of Raymond Raymond said 1 year, 8 months ago:

    @Mercy, exactly. U don’t know how many times I’ve had to field questions about 9ja in the UK. Everyone U meet here, Africans included, think that the only thing that goes on in 9ja is 419/’Yahoo Yahoo’. I spend my time re-educating them about their mis-conception. Nollywood should really change. I’m tired of their rubbish. The same faces everyday, the same recycled story line. How long will we produce movies with Romance and ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ as the main themes? Jeez, we need INTELLIGENT scriptwriters in Nollywood!!!!!!

  • Profile picture of Jaywriter Jaywriter said 1 year, 8 months ago:

    We need screenwriting converts. Every time you come across short story contests and all that. You get publishing houses like Farafina requesting manuscripts from new unknown writers. You don’t get all that with screenwriting. Unless the art becomes professional and competitive, you’ll still get very bad boring annoying stories. NS has made me realize that you can enjoy a poorly written interesting story. A poorly made interesting film will make sense somehow too. Will try one soon. Crazy enough to do that now, a no budget feature film.

  • Profile picture of Raymond Raymond said 1 year, 8 months ago:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!!!!! @jaywriter, U won’t kill me oh!! No budget feature film…Hehehehehe…

  • Profile picture of Jaywriter Jaywriter said 1 year, 8 months ago:

    @Raymod na so my muses talk oh. That’s how it’s gonna be.

  • Profile picture of Tola Odejayi Tola Odejayi said 1 year, 8 months ago:

    Very funny reply by Uchechukwu. Is that really how movie scripts are produced?

    Surely, the market should determine what gets produced. Are Nigerians really happy with these kinds of scripts?


    Regarding your comment about Nollywood putting out negative stereotypes, remember that the producers aren’t really interested in doing PR work for Nigeria - all they’re interested is in pushing their videos, so the perception they create in the minds of foreigners is the least of their concerns.

  • Profile picture of Raymond Raymond said 1 year, 8 months ago:

    Well, this means we need a new breed of Producers then…

  • Profile picture of jay jay said 1 year, 8 months ago:

    The bottom line is:u have a good script, they pay 5 to 10k for it, cut you off the project, cast over used actors/actresses as well as unfit ones for the roles who do not interprete it well (Using old women as university students) or producers prefer to use their own non existent scripts.. (read uchehukwu’s comment)

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