• Scopeman posted an update 9 years, 3 months ago

    The desire to excel beyond limitations, is a prerequisite for success…

    • Then comes effort. I think everyone has a desire to excel beyond limitations.

      • …and then comes divine connection, effort is not enough.

        • Why are people ever so ready to bring in spiritual connotations in simple discussions?… it beats me. I prefer to deal in tangibles and logical conclusions. When these fail and you have nothing logical to support your point, then you are excused to bring in your “faith”. Don’t mind me though… I am of the opinion that religion is overrated.

          • and I was starting to enjoy the flow of the conversation, why did you have to spoil it, hm? You should have just indulged me a little while longer. I also do not believe in religion, but I believe in God, and my faith is built on his word.

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