• @Lakunle, the narrative in this story did not flow smoothly because of the confusing way you used words. So even now, I am not sure exactly what happened in this story – I think it was a story of a man who […]

  • kaycee commented on the post, Freights of a Woman 9 years ago

    Hehehehehehe@Lakunle, @myne say make you use your five senses.
    Don’t mind all these writers jare, they are using you to shine. When they come to your chemist shop, do them bad.

    But seriously, you did good, but […]

  • @Lakunle, so again I read a tale of a son-less woman. Nothing bad about that, but there is nothing in this story to make it stand out from the many tales of son-less women I have read before.

    I would like to […]

  • kaycee commented on the post, Freights of a Woman 9 years ago

    Hahahahahahaha, @seun, you don spoil the talk na. I be wan do my usual smarty mouthing.

    Any way @lakunle, you have written your story.
    I have read it. I must tell you, switching to a chemist, is a wise […]

  • @akbaba, its not a quarrel,..all of us have comments, negative or otherwise on our posts but you seem to be taking Panadol for another man’s headache.
    @lakule is not complaining….all the same sha, I AM SORRY SIR!

    @lakunle, you too gbaski jwor

  • Very nice story and narration… Any narration that encourages cohesiveness does it for me. As for the punctuation, I’d just say, it differs from writer to writer; even though we might agree on some. Dnt forget that its essence ranges from stop and pause (primarily), to grammatical issues. Above all, @Lakunle, nice work!

  • Nice work @Lakunle. I really enjoyed the story except that I had to step back once to be clear on some details and names.
    I ditto @xikay on the punctuation issues.
    But it’s a great story nonetheless.
    Nice work again @Lakunle!

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