• King kObOkO posted an update in the group Group logo of **SCIENCE FICTION****SCIENCE FICTION** 8 years, 10 months ago

    @Emmanuella Nduonofit, I made u d administrator of dis group b4 leavin NS last yr. Why u reject am na? Abi Landlord no fit appoint Tenant as Caretaker again? Nawa 4 u o! *winks*

    • @Koboko, did you read carefully what @Admin and I discussed over 6 months ago, hm? Please read that posting carefully, word for word, for I won’t repeat meself, and for goodness sake, stop *winking* at me. It makes you look mischievous, biko!!! :(

      I repeat, John Ngene: Read my 6 months’ entry right here with @Admin, abeg! I won’t repeat again.

      I doubt @Admin would return the headship of this NS group back to you just like that. I think you’ll have to undergo some ‘procedures’. And please stop winking at me. I worry about your eye, make e no blind, you hear? :)

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