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    Just watched “Half of a Yellow Sun” the other day. I found it very slow and somewhat fractured…

    • @TolaO, really. I heard it kinda flopped at the box-office abroad, but I thought maybe because we might have a more direct and visceral reaction to it, then we will feel differently. Guess I was wrong. Ha, well…since I’m not much of a CNA, no real feelings about this. So, “I’m like: warreva”. Lol.

      • The film would probably have appealed to arty types, but this is a very thin segment of the market, @omoniyi-adeshola.

        Personally, I think that a film based on Purple Hibiscus would have done better in Nigeria, because there was more of an engaging and relateable story there.

        • @TolaO, I tend to agree with you. The problem with such adaptation is thet try to create a faux-African melancholic affectation that just destroys the fun. I never really like HOAYS, the book. Always felt Purple Hibiscus was a much better read. And even at that, CNA is not a writer I particularly like, her works for the most part leaves me ‘blehhh’. I think Buchi Emecheta’s “Joys of Motherhood” would have made a magnificent picture.

    • I read the novel and it W’s a fine read. But somehow, on screen, I wasn’t so thrilled. And I do agree with you on the part of Purple Hibiscus though. I will watch it anyway cos I haven’t.

    • So the movie wasn’t all that?

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