I Thought He Will Live Forever

He was quite very old
And always sits under the shade
Of the old mango tree
And watches as time passes by
Yet I thought he will live forever

Though his teeth are weak
And nature has tattooed wrinkles on his skin
His hairs are all gray
And he carries a little hunchback
Though he cared less now about living
Yet I thought he will live forever

He said he served in the army
When he was young
He has fought in wars
And has fallen in love
Married the lady of his dream
He has traveled the world
And nothing new to surprise him

That my dad is the first proof of his manhood
He witness his seeds produce more seeds
He have really enjoyed life
And can’t wait to meet his father’s
And even they, will be amazed
At what a life he had lived

He was 74 years old
When I took my first breathe
He journeyed to meet his fathers
Four days after his 100 birthday
All he left me was his life stories
And his last smile
I wept like a baby the day he left
Because I thought he will live forever

If his story is told
Even heaven will be amazed
At what a life he lived

One thought on “I Thought He Will Live Forever” by obiink (@obiink)

  1. @OBIINK. Lovely piece I guess the man is your grandfather, he must mean a lot you.

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