Tales of Tera 11

” I don’t know why he’s doing this to me. I’m just…I’m …just so clueless. ” She muttered under her breath and waved her hand emphatically whilst she spoke,with tears running down her eyes.

” Tera,please calm down. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s in a confused state presently. ” Yinka assured and tried to maintain eye contact with her through the mirror above the driver’s seat.

She shrugged her shoulders as Aminat tried to soothe her and stared at her phone in a bid to check the time. It was 10:52 p.m,and she saw several missed call notifications from her mum and dad. A wicked smile lit up her face when she clicked the red button after selecting Mark’s number. After deleting his phone number,and blackberry contact ID,she swiped over to her phone’s gallery and selected some pictures of them together for deletion. Her fingers went numb immediately,she just couldn’t do it. She
dropped her phone angrily and began to discuss several hearty topics with Yinka and Aminat,who were bothered over the sudden change in her attitude.

Tera travelled out to school a few months later. She had gained admission in the University of Lawnville,to study Architecture; her love for building plans and structures turned out to be not just a hobby,but a career choice. Oghene also began her collegiate studies in Cyprus,whilst Aminat and members of Team Luminous travelled to South Africa. Mark,on the other hand,was stuck in the same college with Tera but they never really said a word to one another,or acted like the best of friends that they once were. As expected, Tera rolled with the nerdy students on campus,whilst Mark cruised with the classy,athletic,and sophisticated dudes. Her distaste for him grew at an alarming rate daily. They had just vacated in their second semester when Mark’s mum travelled down to Lawnville in her Boeing jet with the intention of undertaking some business projects,picking up Mark& Tera,and taking them home.

He had grown more handsome and mature over the past few months;his lips appeared to be paler and his eyes seemed brighter and larger. Mrs Akinwale was most delighted to see her first son. After catching up with him in his hostel flat,and assisting him in packing his belongings into several boxes,she asked him a dreaded question.

” Where is Tera? I’m surprised that you haven’t mentioned her since we got talking. ”

” Huh? I really don’t know. I don’t care either. ” He spoke non-challantly and glued his eyes to the television set.

” But,you should have her phone number and flat address,shouldn’t you? Mary would never forgive me when she finds out that I came to pick you up from school,without visiting Tera and taking her along with me. ”

” Well….Maybe I should,but I don’t. ” He answered,deliberately ignoring the second half of his mother’s statement.

” Okay,if you won’t help me,then I’ll help myself. At least I still remember her department. ” The woman added with a look of contempt and slammed the door on her way out.

Mrs Akinwale received the necessary information she required to contact Tera at her faculty and the bewildered teenager met with mother and son at the airport.

A whiff of fresh air hit her nostrils as she alighted from the yellow cab at the airport. She met with Mrs Akinwale there and then and the excited woman gave her a big,bear hug. She couldn’t believe her eyes; Tera had quickly gotten metamorphosed into a full fledged lady. Her bosoms appeared fuller than normal,her hips had sprang forth like the handles of a trophy,and her face had trimmed down on a bit of fat;her cheeks were almost invisible,thus placing her well structured cheek bones on the lime light. Her hair fluttered beautifully as the gentle breeze caressed her body once more. She placed her gloved hands into the pocket of her army green coat;it was winter time,and her temperature rose and fell at random; she had contacted the flu a few days back.

” My queen! You don’t look fine. Your temperature is quite high,we need to get you settled in on the plane now. Samantha!! ” She called out as she waved at the air hostess and asked her to assist Tera onto the plane,whilst she dialled the phone number of her disgruntled son who was yet to arrive at the hangar. He was supposed to have met with her at the airport and hour ago,but there was still no sign of him yet.

Mark wished his mom had informed him of the special guest on board the plane. He was about to settle in on one of the chairs when his eyes caught the appearance of a specific female figure which he had gotten estranged from in the past few months; it was Tera! His Tera!! He had seen her once or twice at the library and several other casual places in college,but he hadn’t really taken time to assess her feminine features,or even speak to her. And besides,the cold stare she always directed at him wasn’t welcoming either. He smiled as he sat opposite her on the plane which wasn’t yet in motion. After wearing his seat belt and glaring at his mother with a mischievous grin,he stared at Tera’s face more. She was feigning to be asleep; her left hand was placed protectively over the left side of her face; like she was avoiding his stare,or shielding herself from an infectious malady or mishap of some sort. Her nails were well manicured and fixed,he hadn’t seen her on fixed nails before,but it was a look he was most proud of;she was finally evolving into a 21st century compliant lady.

” Sam,may we have some fresh croissants accompanied with a glass of mint tea, please? ” Mrs Akinwale asked the middle aged air hostess who was of foreign descent. The ordered meal was for Tera,the woman seemed to perceive that she was pretending to be asleep. The herbal aroma of the mint tea forced her to open her eyes and take a sip shortly after Sam had placed the tray before her. He smiled as she lifted the cup to her lips; she was still a lefty. Although she was aware of his presence,and unwanted stares, Tera still chose to keep to herself and avoided any form of eye contact. Mrs Akinwale stared at the stubborn teenagers from where she sat and shook her head; it was a 7 hour trip. She wondered how long it would take for them to continue with their taciturn behaviour,and couldn’t wait for them to get reconciled with one another. Mrs Akinwale chose not to interfere and returned her gaze to the novel before her.


They arrived at the bubbly city of Lagos at 2300 hours that night. Mrs Akinwale ordered her son to escort Tera home,whilst she sorted out her clothing shipments at the airport. Tera was too tired to refuse the elderly woman. She jumped into the vehicle which was waiting for them at the airport,and frowned when he sat next to her. The dark skies emptied showers of rain as the driver wheeled onto the main junction. Drops of water hit the windows incessantly,and she stared at them with an ingenuous look and deliberately avoided his gaze. Her body felt hot and cold at the same time,and her tongue was unable to taste anything savoury. She clutched her arms underneath her mid-section,and shuddered once more; she had tossed her coat Into her bag the moment their plane flew into the african continent.

” Here! Have this….before you turn into an ice sculpture. ” He affirmed with a bright smile and wrapped his leather jacket around her shoulders.

” No. ” She responded with a big frown spread across her round face and threw the jacket at him vehemently.

She alighted from the vehicle and bade the driver farewell after he had assisted her into the living room with her luggage. Her mom had gone for an all-night meeting with Chris,and Sisi was home alone.

” Hei!! ” The large maid exclaimed as she performed a celebratory dance and hugged them both. Tera dashed upstairs after complimenting Sisi’s new bohemian look and shut the door against herself as she pulled off her clothing; she need to take a hot bath; that seemed to be the only remedy for her rising temperature. The clasp of her bra was about to get loosed when she heard the door open; it was Mark,he was wielding a tray which held a bowl of warm soup and crackers.

” I’m sorry.. I just.. ” He stuttered as he dropped the tray on her table stand,whilst the bewlidered lady jumped on her bed and shielded her body with her bed spread.

” Just get out. ” She ordered instantly. Her eyes got reddened with hot tears as she stared at herself in the mirror;and at the cream lacy bra which had been revealed to him earlier on. She felt ashamed of herself,and couldn’t believe he had seen her in such a compromising state.

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