Tales of Lakin – 3


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Lakin’s compound

Lakinfeev roared into laughter.

“Ike, you are a fool! What did I say you are? A fool!” Lakin jeered at his friend Ikemefuna who held a giant scowl on his face while Obinna giggled loudly.

“How many times have I told you that Papa Chinelo was just using you? You are here complaining that he chased you out of his compound when you snuck in to see Chinelo. Wait! Where you thinking he was going to invite you, then give you the opportunity to rub your manhood on his daughter while he sits and watches? Look my friend, there is no way in this life or even in the one to come will he ever allow you marry Chinelo. Don’t you know that, that girl has already been betrothed to eheemm…what is that idiot’s name again o?” Lakin asked turning to Obinna for help as he began to hit his head for recurrence.

“Ichie Obumneme, the palmwine tapper” Obinna concluded for him.

“Exactly! Obi, you will live longer than your father” Lakin teased as he sipped from his palm wine gourd. Turning to Ikemefuna he continued, “That is the idiot Ichie Okochua wants to marry his daughter to, so you better stop wasting your time and energy for nothing” Lakin advised his friend.

“I have told him times without number but he wouldn’t listen to me. The Chinelo sef is not that beautiful. Have you seen my Alu Ifeoma?” Obinna asked as he got up from the bench they were sharing to add more palm wine to his gourd.

“Ifeoma? Ifeoma?” Lakin asked confused “Which of the Ifeomas? You know we have a lot of Ifeomas in this village. Is it the one with ehemm..big chest or the one with flat behind or Mama…”

“the ugwulugwu” Ikemefuna interjected “that’s the rubbish Ifeoma he is talking about”

Obinna chuckled at Ikemefuna “how did you know?” he asked, genuinely surprised.

“Because big chest is all you know na. It is your talent” Ikemefuna mocked as he grabbed the big gourd from Obinna and poured some of the liquid into his.

Che re biko! Is it the Ifeoma that was recently married to Ichie Oluba?” Lakin asked with a huge grin on his lips.

“The very same one!” Ikemefuna answered nodding his head affirmatively as he drank from the gourd.

Lakin continued, turning to Ikemefuna “And I’m here calling you the fool when we have a bigger one here in our midst?” he asked mockingly.

“Ooh ooo!” Ikemefuna agreed.

“Obi, should I start digging your grave because it looks like you are planning to die young? Ichie Oluba will finish you if he catches you” Lakin warned as he stretched his ears to emphasize his warning. “Do not say I did not tell you o”

Obinna laughed: “Like you said… if he catches me”

They all roared into laughter.

From the corner, Lakin spotted Chikere walking towards them in a haste.

“Oya Idiots, my wife is coming…come and start going…Oya! Get up! Get up!” Lakin announced cheerfully as he got up from his side of the bench and began to pick up the empty gourds.

“And yet you call us fools” Obinna mocked as he rose up from the bench with a smirk and strolled out from the compound with Ikemefuna beside him making a face at Lakin. As she grew closer, Lakin noticed the sour look on her face and walked towards her.

“Chi-nwa, what is the problem? Why are you crying?” he asked as he got to her “Is everything okay?

“Is it true?” Chikere blunted out without waiting for an invitation to sit.

“True? What is true?” Lakin asked confused.

“That you laid with my sister Chidinma” Chikere announced as she pulled his arms from her body and stared up at him for an answer.

Lakin stood dumbfounded.

To be continued…

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