Strings And Webs 1a

Jolade gazed at the large conspicuos mirror placed on the plastic pink dressing wardrobe for the umpteeth time. She giggled and made a 360 degreee circulation, gazed over her shoulders and struck a pose as would Secondary school colleens going on their first date would.

“I pray all goes well!” she thought to herself when she noticed her enthusiasm.
She looked around her room and took in the delight of it. The aura was calm, serene and assuring. It’s walls were painted in pink and it’s roof, white. It was a simple but yet exquisite room. An imported bed, an expensive looking wardrobe and a standing fan were all that made up the room but even, it looked alluring and captivating. It’s curtains were a toned mixture of pink and white. It’s floor was a marbled and simple one. It’s almost artificial air was always spick and span with air freshner. Everything in the room oozed class.

After being assured of her appearance, Jolade took a glass of milkshake, settled on a couch, and put a call across, “I’m ready!”.

After waiting for an estimated thirty minutes, she became fidgety and worried. “Maybe he won’t be coming again,” she thought but dismissed it quickly, she would fall sick if that happened. She felt something within her pulsating and a voice ringing, it was like the voice was mocking her, “You’re not good enough! Anabelle is way better!”

“No!” she yelled out, “that’s a lie! That can’t happen,” she continued like she were talking to someone visible.

“Pum pum pum!!” a knock on the alloy door reached her ears and she stirred. Quickly but effectively, she touched her appearance before proceeding to open the door.

“You suddenly gone dumb?,” She inquired jovially from the Man standing outside when she realized he wasn’t going to talk.
“Oh! Pardon my bad, Dear but not everyday would one get to see a sight glorious as this,” the man teased.
“Wow! But a spoiler alert Mr. Paul Gbolahan, your words have no effect on me,” Jolade spluttered out though her cheeks practically betrayed her; they were literally emitting red.
“Okay!” Paul made a morose face, “but I’m saying the truth either you believe it or yes,” he continued, “here, have this.”
“So early of you,” she sarcastically sneered and rolled her large glowing eyes clockwise.
“Well, I’m an early Bird!” Paul got the jibe. “Anyway, shall we leave?” he asked.
“Okay!” Jolade conjured.

Jolade closed the door after dropping the flower with her, and stepped out alluringly. And again, Paul couldn’t but go dumb for some minutes. Jolade looked alluring and pretty in her Pink Gown that rid up her thighs as she walked and a fashional pull over provided extra warmth to her upper region. Paul smiled flourishly. He knew he was going to have a field night shielding off male admirers.
Hakeem kept his total focus on the beautiful lady that had been twerking in his favour to a pop song bustling from his home theatre speaker for the past thirty minutes. The sight was almost breath-taking as he watched probably the peak of his list for pretty girls he had ever seen in his twenty four years of existence. It wasn’t his first time of seeing her but then, beholding her in a short pair of thongs, and a spaghetti top, she was extricating, she was all he could ever ask for.

Tolani was tall, Beautiful, full of life and had a pair of tantalizing dimple whenever she smiled. She was the head of his department and Hakeem had known her for two years, without any form of conversation between them nor contact. Her presence here was a miracle, a rare extraordinary one.

“Who would speak with him anyway?” Hakeem chuckled. He was a green horn in it. Probably, still tying the hooks. He pinched his laps pretty hard inorder to ascertain he wasn’t really dreaming. There was Tolani, the most beautiful girl in his department and a very brainy one too. Bold; clever and; the type that would always go for what she wanted. She was there, right in his room, twerking with reckless abandon. He almost called everything a farce. Well, he needed to relish the moment, maybe he wouldn’t get so unhapless again.

Hakeem eyes strayed a little from Tolani’s alluring body onto the clock and the discovery stunned him, it was twenty past seven already.
“Jolade!” he whispered as if afraid of the ambience. “The time is far gone,” he said, though very reluctantly as Tolani paid him attention. It had been long he felt so good.
Tolani rolled her eyes and shushed him. That meant she wasn’t ready to leave yet and Hakeem couldn’t help but smile unconsciously. This was going to be a night like no other afterall.

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  1. Nice. You write well.

    Though I got confused towards the end part, I guess its just me. Sincerely when Hakeem mentioned Jolade, I could not place if Jolade was same person as Tolani; or Jolade was a different person, probably by his side; or Jolade was not present, he only made his thought heard.

    1. @namdi, I don’t get you, sir. Only ‘1a’ has been published according to the site’s admin, and in it, I can’t find where ‘Jolade’ was breeded. Can you see the ‘1b’ already?

      All in, thanks for the commendation.

      @majiri, Thanks, too.

  2. Same too @namdi
    Nice write up #following

  3. @namdi and @majiri, I’m so contrite. I get your drift now. It was an error. I’ll emend. Thanks!

  4. Hi, guys. Can anyone benign help?
    I can’t find the edit button.

  5. I meant to type ‘Tolani’ there, sirs.

    @namdi and @majiri

    Please, bear with me.

  6. So Hakeem and Tolani are a different couple from Paul and Jolade? Am I right?

    1. @mcsnol, Hakeem and Tolani wouldn’t be a couple-Tolani carried out a deal.

      Yes, Paul and Jolade are a different couple.

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