He is always on his knees

with hands stretched out

embittered face

teary eyes

confused look

muttering some words


he has been doing this for the past 6 months

and yet he had not received that MIRACLE


that JOB

and he asks himself

“Is GOD this wicked?”

Why is he not answering?

What have I done to deserve this?


born into a World

Where his freedom was taken from him that moment

Where he had to listen to the Four P’s that rule the world

Where he would have to suffer for a sin a man and woman committed millions of years ago

Where he is told lies to make him feel better


Then he gets old

with nothing to show for it

then he blames the government

he blames the witches in his village


But that night

he goes to his room

after muttering those words on his knees

he feels refreshed

he says “tomorrow will be better”


tomorrow actually got better



PS: Every problem has an expiry date, Be prayerful

3 thoughts on “Prayer” by bethelbrill (@bethelbrill)

  1. Beautiful…And if it doesn’t expire; He’ll give u ways to cope. Encouraging piece

  2. Motivating…
    Prayer works like magic

  3. @BETHELBRILL. Hmmmmm I don’t really know if this “prayer business” actually works. I’d rather hope and go for what I want than wait on a prayer. Nice poem sha.

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