Naija 2060 New Cover – Publication In View

Ibrahim is a normal university student, living his life within the confines of the walled fortress, that is the capital of Nigeria, Abuja city.  In the year 2060, after a devastating second civil war, life thrives here and survives everywhere else within the country.  Ibrahim sets up a date with a long time crush of his, Simisola, only to discover to his fearful surprise, that she is not the normal school girl she seems to be.  What’s worst, his best kept secret has been uncovered, that he is a world renowned deadly hacker who has prolonged the war between the Nigerian authorities and the resistance… both sides are out to get him and he can only place all his hopes of survival, on one woman.

2 thoughts on “Naija 2060 New Cover – Publication In View” by Kel (@KelWriter)

  1. This sounds interesting. Is it a book?

    1. Kel (@KelWriter)

      Yes it is.
      It is going to be published as an e-book first and then a paperback. Both will be on Amazon. You can check out my profile and read the episodes there as well. And if you like it, I do hope you would kindly support the book when it’s published.

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