My Juliet’s Day

My Juliet’s Day

My Juliet’s Day
What a day? Have a nice day
I pray God clear your way
Since He has sent you
May His grace fall like dew
In your life and strife

Gold I’ve not but candle;
To lighten your path as you paddle.
Silver I’ve not but cake;
To steel your liver and leap the stake.
So dear scorn not my humble gifts

Your tears cooled hell that day
But the end meet you with merry and may.
I cherish ever seeing your face
And feeling your heart in this race
For your angelic smile lead me on

My dear lovely Juliet
I came with a little diet:
My bouquet of white flower
Happy Birthday and long life ever
Till we meet gloriously in the paradise

One thought on “My Juliet’s Day” by SUNNYDEMAJESTY (@SUNNYDEMAJESTY)

  1. @sunnydemajesty , please grant me the grace to copy this poem to a friend’s facebook page. It’s her birthday today…19th July and her name is Juliet.

    I’ll sure acknowledge you as the author.
    Thank you.

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