My Grandpa

My Grandpa


My grandpa is 100 years old

His favorite hobby is relaxing on the veranda

Under the prying eyes of the mid day sun

He sits on his favorite cushion

His walking stick taking a peaceful break by his side

On the right side of the chair sits old Hitler his dog

By dog standards, Hitler is as old as grandpa

He stretch his frail legs on the old pillow that lay on the floor

As Pussu his cat lay comfortably next to the pillow

Grandpa sits all day on the veranda

And watches as life goes on uninterrupted

As trees dances to the melody of the wind

As cars ply the road like royalties

As mother hen and her chicks go about their business

He watches as time flies

Slowly and steady as it has always done

Grandpa sits and watches as life goes on

The expression on his face is enigmatic

Most times I think he sees things

That embellishes his wrinkle face with a smile

Sometimes his face is tainted with a frown

Today school girls are passing by

And grandpa observes them with a smile

And so I ask grandpa

Show me what you see that make you smile

Grandpa says

What I see, I can only tell

And so I gave grandpa my ears and time

And he feed me the stories from his adventurous youth

And he ended his story this way

Spice your youth with adventure

So when you are old and frail

You have enough memories

To put a smile on your wrinkle face

4 thoughts on “My Grandpa” by obiink (@obiink)

  1. @OBIINK. Lovely piece, I like your grandpa and the advice he gave at the end of the poem.

  2. This made me smile, wise words from your grandpa reminds me of my grandma. Nice read

  3. Lovely piece. Reminds me of my grandpa.

  4. I agree with all of the comments above.

    Line 6: insert a comma after “Hitler”
    Line 8: *stretches*
    line 20: *embellish his wrinkled face*
    line 22: insert a comma after “Today”

    you might want to consider using quotation marks for when anyone says something.

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