Joshua’s Diary: Letter To My Child(unborn )

As I write to you, I write with a peaceful smile, from a distance, years away, I hear your blissful cries, I carry you already on the arms of my soul, my heart is filled with joy. I jumped on the shoulder of a certain giant and peeped into this miracle tomorrow would bring and so my spirit is nourished. But now in the harsh realities of today, from which I have learnt wisdom, and to a certain extent the ways of men, I did choose to prepare your coming.

The world is full of pain, this you would see just immediately you have your first glimpse at it, you’ll hear your mother (whom i know not yet, neither) scream, and thus be moved to cry with those adorable lips of yours also, perhaps in fear, as a result, of the unfamiliar and so seemingly scary environment you would find upon your entrance or maybe as a result of the unknown faces that would gaze upon you, this mystery we might never know, but what I do know is, if you don’t the nurses would force you to.

The world is full of happiness too, this you would find out soon after you have quieted down and passed to your mother’s impatient arms, she would kiss you with all the love you will not understand, she would caress you with such passion that makes mothers blossom, and then you will smile too, with such cheeky dimples that could even bring the devil himself to tears, or perhaps you’d already be sleeping with such glee on your mother’s loving arm or in your beautiful cot. And when you wake, you’d awake to smiles all around you, of course from me and your mother even from strangers, faces you have never seen, some you might not see ever again, yet they’d love you, they’d call yyou beauty, they’d shower you with gifts and thank your Creator. The world is full, with evil and so also with good, this is the first lesson you would learn.

Nothing good comes easy, whether good or bad, this second lesson, you must learn! (GOD forbids, though) If you choose to be a thief, people will hate and despise you, women and children will curse you, and the police will hunt you. If you choose to be a doctor, you would have to give up, at least twenty years of your life for hard study, teachers’ rebuke, impeded rights, students’ bullies, rigorous research and many other sacrifices you’d be forced to make. The choice is yours to do what seems you right. But know this for every choice we make we must either bear its consequence or reap it’s rewards, this third lesson you must guard jealously.

Listen my child, the child of my bosom, I shall love you to a fault, I shall overlook the foolishness of your youth, I will grieve when you cry, I’ll be filled with bliss when you smile, for the love this father has for you, can never be measured and for this reason l will teach you life and I will give you sound doctrine. I will teach you to love GOD with all your heart and with all your soul, and to love everyone. I’ll also teach you to harbour no malice even for enemies; it kills them faster as hate would kill you if you indulge it.

I will teach you to carry your head high even in the midst of difficulties, and never to indulge in self pity, for it diminishes your value, you’d find out, when you come that the world is no market for less quality products. I would teach you also the power in every simple smile and the fatal damages in a frown.

If I have to child, I would get angry, and would not spare my rod to drive away foolishness, yet in my heart, I shall say with such tenderness, ‘I love you child, I love you with such fatherly love in me.’ Quickly I’d stoop low and kiss you on your forehead and say, ‘Sit my beloved child, let me teach you mysteries.’ I would teach you never to cry over spilled milk, for not even blood from your eyes can bring back a drop of it, I would teach you never to kill precious time weeping, but to go quickly to the store down the street and get as many milk, you desire.

I would teach you my child to say ‘I am full’ when you are hungry, and to say there is a lifting up when there is a casting down, for it is true, that saying, “The power of life and death is in the tongue.” Many have brought down to ruins, their edifice of happiness and faith with it. Never go the way of multitudes but dash into the woods and leave a trail, the same people will follow your lead. In all your getting, child, get health. All the cunning in your mind, and the intellects in your brain, and all the skill in your hands are futile if there’s no strength in your back. Hear my child, never depend on your brawns the most, if you have to, use your brains always, but never forget the rewards of hard work.

Learn the beauty in giving, for the hand that gives would always draw from the source that never dries , but the selfish man will never be content, I’ll teach you to pray always, in thanksgiving and cheerful spirit regardless of present events, for every sincere and genuine prayers are answered already. If you must master anything my child, master your emotions, and then control them, for they are quick to hazardous habits.

Above all my child, I would teach you to be anxious for nothing. Life is not a bed of roses, child, but it could be, all it takes is inventiveness more than hard work, don’t kill that with anxiety, but I pray never lose a holy curiosity. Learn to keep silent when need be, and I’ll teach you never to hold your peace when you should act.

My child with love, with tenderness, this father will do anything right for you, I would use force if necessary to lead you to the stream of wisdom, but I can only watch on from afar, praying and hoping you would drink from it. You would find this popular saying among men when you come. “You can force the horse to the stream but you can’t force it to drink water.” how true this saying is, I hope you drink a lifetime full of water from the river of wisdom.

Lastly child, this father says to you, You are who you are, always! never lose sight of this even for a single moment, for many people might, would think and suggest otherwise, I too might be tempted to, perhaps as a result of happenings and events, nevertheless, always say this as if it were a ritual, ‘I am who I am.’ And remember, always! that this father who loves you so much, your mother, the world would be waiting for your manifestation.

I eagerly await your coming with much love, crap! With much much enormous love!! If ever there was such conjugation of english words, it still does not, can not & will not quantify neither correctly measure my immense love for you, though unborn.
Your’s Soonest
I Await with patiience & Love

8 thoughts on “Joshua’s Diary: Letter To My Child(unborn )” by Nwori Joshua (@Jtockzy)

  1. I wrote a piece with similar title, about two years ago. I was not a member of Naijastories then, so I did not share it here. I had a smile as I read your work because aside the similarity in title, we also share very similar ideas.

    Nice write. . . I’m sure you will be a great dad.

  2. of course I had to read this because my son is named Joshua. And as a mom who feels so passionate about her kids, seeing this write-up from a succinct father’s POV is incredibly heartwarming.
    Your son (though yet unborn) is blessed. Good work

  3. thanks Namdi…its great to know we share the same ideas, i hope you’d love to share your own title, it would really be interesting to read yours…thanks Folakemi, i think my son’s reading this now and saying Amen to that. I think your son Joshua is blessed too, i feel all Joshua’s are.
    Above all thank you Namdi and Fola for taking the time to read this and for your comments. Humbly i bow my head.

  4. *singing in Banky W’s voice* “I can’t wait to love you, my unborn child… The idea of babies/children makes me laugh, this write up had same effect. :)

  5. thanx pendapearl 4 takn ur precious time to read dz post. They make u laf? interestn…wud really luv to knw why, of coz! wen u re less busy, i wait patiently.

  6. We must never give up on hope; its a very evil generation we live in, but love will continue ti thrive. As I read through, i kept imagining the kind of wife I will marry and the generation our children will come. hmmmm, you’ll make a good father. Your Joshua will be good, but are all Joshuas good? #JustSaying #Winks

  7. @Tadi…i tnk u’d marry a good wife n she’d help u raise great n lovely kids too…..thnc for takn ur tim to read dz post.

  8. Your second lesson for your unborn child is extremely vital. If you chose to be a thief, the world will hate you and even when you chose to be a doctor, hate is never sufficiently wiped out.

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