I’ve Lost My Name

“I’ve lost my name”, so cried a maiden,

Clothed in white and flower-laden.


A passing bird did hear her cry,

And downwards to her, he did fly.


And so spoke the bird, “What do I hear? What do you mean to say such?”

And thus spoke the maid, “How can you understand? I pray that my words your heart touch.”


“For I once had a name, I was highly revered,

I was a gift, most greatly treasured.


If you knew the virtue I symbolise,

You would not my lament so despise.


For I once was once a name revered by maidens like I,

Who guarded me jealously till they a man should spy.


And on the night of their unveiling,

They would this gift be revealing.


Among the youth also a virtue was I,

They never my name would deny.


But alas my name I cannot find,

My gift and virtue are trampled by the blind.


For this reason do I wail my loss,

No one for my sake holds up a cause.”


And thus answered the bird, “This comfort do i give,

Do not so let your heart grieve.


For though all may have forgotten you,

There are still yet a faithful few.”


4 thoughts on “I’ve Lost My Name” by LadyT (@IyaroT)

  1. Tragic that this ‘name’ was lost in such a misgiving way. But then the bird is wise and I think it’s advice is well thought out.

    Nice one.

    1. @chime221 I’m guessing from your comment you know what the ‘name’ refers to. As always, thank you for your comment.

  2. Sure…I do and I did enjoy reading it.

    The thing is, no one would retain that ‘name’ forever…it’s bound to be lost somehow, somewhere, at some point. At times, it’s for the good of the bearer, u know?

    It’s a nice read.

    1. @chime221 I was taking into account not its actual “loss” but the loss of its place and value in today’s society. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it though.

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