Expectations Of A Stargazer On A Lovers Night


Is it you I have been waiting for
Or should I check next door?
They told me you were five-feet four
but I see a short frame or is my sight dull?
I want to believe I am not in for a fall
but why do I see this sun set at dawn?
Yes, so many questions, hazy as fog,
but can’t you see the silence has awaken the sleeping dog?

Ok, it’s not you I’ve been waiting for, it’s not you at all!
First evidence: you are not anywhere near tall!
To give you my heart will be me making the wrong call,
so I’ll sit here patiently, boxed within my heart’s secure wall(s)
I’ll wait and watch till the stars seize the skies in some other nightfall.
Maybe I’ll see you then, maybe I’ll gaze into your eyeball.

Stargazer on a Lovers night.



It’s me you’ve been waiting for, it’s been me all day long

Maybe I don’t meet your expectation, but I’m all you ever want.

Just spare me a kiss, and you’ll see a love so strong…



Spare you a kiss for a love so strong?

That must be voodoo, that must be ‘otumokpo,’

That is a charm I won’t fall for…

(interrupts back)

Please let me finish, please let me land.

You’ll see wonders of love decorated with passion,

if you make the right choice, the right decision.

I am that angel of your dream, of your alluring imagination.

You will know love without extinction

if you take me in, if you take me by the hand.



Stargazer’s star on a Lovers night



You sound amazingly convincing, I’m already falling.

Part of me seeks to make the plunge, now already

But I insist it is not you my darling, it isn’t.

I’ll continue to gaze at this sea of white dotting

till I see my prize, my star sparkling.


PS: Please Sparkle, Don’t reply me again. Sorry to disappoint you, but I believe someone else will gaze at you and pick you. Thank you



Lonely Expectant Stargazer on a Lovers night


4 thoughts on “Expectations Of A Stargazer On A Lovers Night” by Stanley Esdee David (@stanfuto)

  1. lol. Talk about placing things on a pedestal, only to be disappointed by reality.

    A lovely poem.

    1. Thank you @anakadrian. It sure feels that way, waiting for the boat of your love to dock on the shores of the island where you are lost.

      Thanks for reading and for commenting too.

  2. wow…a really nice one.

    1. Thank you @vicktoh. I appreciate your time and your comment. Gracias.

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