I_uZK6KUNTyhJk4g-yUaOqMwi2ArDd94-NJv7f3dZR93-GyW2O_IK0yl38nhcj69dIabJ5fLPJyxWy1xMTZ5qif9GopGVWVll8hreHC2VjaTK4P7f6-avMGSsRRINmEZOhre50mABjx3e14nkl8L=w236-h291-ncEleven year old Angie was feeling sad and depressed for the first time since leaving home. It was a Sunday evening and also her first day at boarding school. Her mother had dropped her off hours earlier with a promise to visit later in the week.

She had been assigned a bunk bed in a dormitory meant for six girls but since it was the beginning of term, a lot of the girls in her dorm were yet to resume school and hence, most of the bunks were empty. This made Angie feel lonely and a little scared. She sat quietly in a corner of the dormitory with her small suitcase lying at her feet. Presently, a group of girls walked in, talking and laughing loudly. From their conversation, Angie could deduce that they’d just come in from the dining hall, where a presumably sumptuous meal had been served.

Angie did her best to be invisible but unfortunately, one of the girls, a dark plump one wearing low cut hair like herself, spotted her. “Hullo” she said, with a big friendly grin

“You must be new. I’m Mavis and this is Chinenye and Felicia. We are all JS two girls.”

“Hi I’m Angie, pleased to meet you all”

“I’m sure you’re hungry seeing as you missed dinner” Mavis gushed “come I’ll get you some cereal”

Later, they sat on Mavis’s bunk bed and swapped stories. “Have you guys ever heard the cry of a bush baby before?” Felicia suddenly asked.

“What’s a bush baby?” Angie inquired, as she dipped her spoon in the ceramic bowl, containing the last of the cereal.

“It’s a small hairy creature that cries like a human baby. It’s got really big eyes and ears too.” Mavis was only too eager to share her knowledge of the macabre.

“And I heard that it’s the only son of madam kwoskwos. She lost him one night very long ago and since then, every night, she roams the corridors of girl’s dormitories searching for her baby. So once you hear the cry of a bush baby, you know madam k is nearby.” She added, gleefully.

“Madam kwos-kwos?” Angie asked again, in a small voice, her spoon suspended in mid-air. “She’s the ghost of a murdered ashawo.” Felicia chirped in, with a giggle.

“You only ever see her feet though and it’s said that she wears red, leather, stiletto pumps. I bet they’re channel.” At this, they all giggled.

“Okay that’s enough you guys can stop scaring Angie now” Chinenye who had been silent all this while, finally spoke up.

“But why call her madam kwos-kwos?” Angie, her curiosity now aroused, felt the need to know more.

“It’s the sound her heels supposedly make as she walks the corridors at night” Chinenye replied, rolling her eyes. “Enough already, besides it’s getting late and we have classes tomorrow.” She added. “You can sleep here with us if you like Angie.”

There were two bunk beds in the corner Mavis and her friends shared, so Angie readily accepted.

“Where are the bathrooms?”Angie asked “outside the dormitory and down the corridor. They are at the end of the hallway.” Felicia replied. “Thanks” said Angie, as she picked up her toiletry bag and left the dorm. While she was in the shower stall and shampooing her hair, she heard someone come into the bathroom “Mavis is that you?” Angie asked, there was soap in her eyes so she didn’t turn around. Behind her, she heard the shower curtain open.

“If you need to shower, take the next stall I’m using this one” Angie said, with a giggle. She heard a deep sigh and a second later, felt a finger run down her bare back. “Mavis, stop it! That tickles!” she yelled and finally after getting most of the shampoo from her eyes she turned around, meaning to playfully punch Mavis and saw that she was alone. She pulled aside the curtain and called out, “Hello is anyone here?” but only silence greeted her inquiry. She shrugged, rinsed off, tied a towel to her chest and made to leave the bathroom.

She’d just stepped out of the shower stall, when she heard the sound of footsteps or rather, the sound of stiletto heels striking against the tiled bathroom floors. Remembering the stories she’d been told, Angie leaped back into the stall in fear. The sound drew nearer and then suddenly stopped. Crouched in a corner of the shower stall, she risked looking under the curtain and saw a pair of red, leather, stiletto pumps. Angie clamped her palms across her mouth, to stifle her surprised gasp. Then slowly, the curtain was pulled aside and standing before her, was a creature unlike any she had ever seen before. It looked like a woman except that Angie doubted if it was even human. It stood over six feet tall, had four arms and dark scaly skin. The eyes were the worst. They were large black orbs that could see right through her.

“Join us” it whispered, in the voice of Mavis, Felicia and Chinenye speaking at once.

“Join us!” it screamed in the same awful sounding voice. Angie shut her eyes tight and crouched further into the corner of the stall, then issued out a piercing scream as she felt a heavy hand descend on her shoulder.

“Wake up Angie! Wake up! You’re going to be late for morning assembly.” It was morning and Felicia was trying to shake her awake. Angie opened her eyes, squinting them against the bright sunlight streaming in through the windows. She saw that all three girls were already dressed and carrying their book bags. “See you at lunch!” they called simultaneously as they marched out of the dormitory.

Grabbing her toilet bag and towel, Angie ran to the bathroom and jumped into the shower. It was while she was brushing her teeth that she heard the sound of stiletto heels striking against the floors. She stood frozen in terror, staring at her reflection in the bathroom mirror as the sound came closer and closer.


16 thoughts on “Dormitory” by kilmah (@kilmahhart)

  1. namdi (@namdi)

    I would have been surprised if it wasn’t a dream–I mean the part where the six foot lady appeared as a character in the story. Though Madam K is popular, she ain’t real.

    Nice write.

    1. aplusn (@aplusn)

      Lol, you sound very certain like you’ve confirmed it.

      1. kilmah (@kilmahhart)

        We’ll, I’m positive it’s not real, just stories told by mean kids to terrify younger, more naive kids.

    2. kilmah (@kilmahhart)

      Damn right she ain’t…. I hope

  2. Ezeama Chijioke Desmond (@Chijy)

    I love this. Keep writing!

    1. kilmah (@kilmahhart)

      Thanks :-)

  3. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    hehehehhei I knew it would definitely be a dream, tho I wasnt a boarder but I remember how my big bro used to scare the hell out of me with those stories.

    1. kilmah (@kilmahhart)

      Trust me you’re lucky. Going to boarding school messed me up in a lot of ways. thankfully, I’m over that now.

  4. If I recount my own experience, you go run. This just remind me of me when I was very young, and naïve.

    1. kilmah (@kilmahhart)

      Lol! e mean say your former school need deliverance gan :-)

  5. So bushbaby and madam koin-koin are still existing.
    Back then those stories seemed so real.

    1. kilmah (@kilmahhart)

      :-) only a true, former boarding student would understand.

  6. aplusn (@aplusn)

    “…I bet they’re channel.”
    Funny girls, scaring Angie, but the Madam K has style o

    1. kilmah (@kilmahhart)

      :-) cudda sworn it was a double “n” thanks for observing.

  7. I used to believe this stories back then…nice write up.

    1. kilmah (@kilmahhart)

      Everyone did, thanks.

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