2-4 zone: Hard Talk


If you hate this post, unfriend me.

I hate people speaking from both sides of the mouth. Take your stand and be identified with it.

While I love women and duly respect them, I am prepared to go head-to-head with ANY of them on the following:

If you think your love warrants my surrendering my convictions and principles , honey, you can go fucking to hell. I ask myself if those guys who unduly please the women in their lives while they die inside are men. So you will quit the job you slaved for just to show her that you care? So you want two kids and she insists on three and you know you cannot be a real dad to the third kid yet you smile and swallow your doom? Come on.

The fact is that women are powerful. But it is the daft guy who refuses to study their power bases and discover how to channel them to his good. Some men go to pieces when women explode in tears. Boy, if you know you are right, let her cry. She is not crying with your eyes, is she? If you do not know how to handle her razor tongue, take this step: go on doing that thing that makes her run like a tap. As long as it is right. Do not talk; act and keep going.

Do not be afraid of divorce or separation. Let her go! Your self-worth is not tied to any woman.

Now, like I said earlier, am not against equality of the sexes. I cherish tangling with those super-duper ladies who tot degrees, jobs, looks and other stuff of the new woman. But underneath, many of them are no better than the timid, backstreeters they despise. At times the latter are smarter and savvy and can beat them at the game of life.

Get this straight, guy: if you are looking for sex, be plain. It gives you an edge with these ladies. Many of them do not know what love is, even if it sat on their make-up table. To them, love means getting rid of your true personality and licking all her whims and caprice just like some chaps love licking you know what. So because I love you I will abandon my beer or books? Have I told you to abandon your chase after gele? And, bro, remove all her ‘stumbling blocks; : if she thinks she is a goddess of the bed and you are her slave, know it that THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES TO SAP (sexual adjustment program); learn to cook or if that is too hard, how and where to get the best meals; get a degree or two if she is a certificate-maniac; there are many ways. The reason for this is simple: if robbers come to your place and give you a gun to shoot your woman after ‘bonging’ her in your presence, chances are that you MAY not do it. Because you are a man and most men, no matter their faults, are human beings. But most women will shoot if the shoes are on their feet. Why? Because, never mind their looks, many lack the human milk in their breasts.

Finally, get close to your kid and mould him or her. Women know how to twist a child’s brain to hate any good in their dads and all men.

Yep, finally, finally, if you must get physical to defend your rights, loves and principles against a woman, do it with no regrets.  I  will have no  apologies for sending a woman to the next world if my life is on the line. Know your rights under the laws so that she cannot bullshit you.

6 thoughts on “2-4 zone: Hard Talk” by henry c.onyema (@ezeakwukwo)

  1. thaaaaa! it is easier said than done. #juststrolling

  2. oh wow! ehemmm…i didn’t wanna comment after i read this because the first thought that crossed my mind was to ask how old you were and i decided that would just be very rude of me but like you rightly pointed out correctly, this is hard talk-this is you speaking your mind and i must say im speechless because you sound really heartbroken…

    Personally, i think the ill-advises you proffered have absolutely nothing to do with the female gender. As a matter of fact, as humans we individually have our faults. None of us are perfect…be you man or woman. We come with our own shades of fuckedupness.

    There is also no doubt that as women we have our problems but no woman is ever the same despite the fault that we are ruled mostly by our emotional impulses while the men fit in the most logical compartment. With that said, it is thus very morally wrong to generalize every woman in a bad box just because you might have encountered one or two or even three bad ones.

    So sweetheart, before you start giving advises that you think are right probably based on your own experiences, situations around you or women you’ve met or heard of, try being a woman for ten seconds and let’s see if you’ll do any better…

    Goodluck & Kiss kiss

    1. Accept my kisses, too. But you should accept that the record of some ladies stink. The new world order thinks guys ought to lose their masculinity to be ok for women. I say no.

      And I am not heartbroken, contrary to your assumptions.

  3. Sorry bro, but I soo disagree with you on this.
    This is the thoughts of a man who has been heartlessly heartbroken.

    Women are like fire, if can’t manage them properly, you’d keep they can never be properly pampered.

    I believe life experiences would gradually expose that to you.

    Keep writing (but put yourself in the ‘enemies’ shoes sometimes, in order to be a better analyst.


  4. Thanks, pal. Part 2 is on its way, soon.

  5. You spoke my mind op,nice

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