10 Great ways to break up via text messages

10 Great ways to break up via text messages

” I just don’t love you no more, you are so Yesterday.”

Breakup! The dictionary defines this as “a termination of a romantic relationship”. Breakup also equals to a Breakdown. Breaking up a relationship is never fun; be it mutual understanding that things are not just working or one person wants out for one reason or the other.

Am a radio kinda girl that’s where I got this from, my favorite OAP “Maria” did this a while back.

10 Great ways to break-up with someone via Text message:

10: We could have been something but you had to ruin it. I am through with you!
9: Its best if you and I never see each other anymore.
8: I don’t want you to fall in love with me, so let’s just be friends.
7: I have made a few bad decisions in my life. Giving you my number was one of them. We are done!
6: Are you dumping me right now? Because if you’re not, then I am.
5: I love you to death, but I would rather not die right now. Hope you get my point.
4: I am bad with commitment, and i would just end up cheating on you anyway. So let’s end it.
3: I think we should start seeing other people.
2: I would tell you this in person, but I wouldn’t be able to make myself do it. I think its best we don’t see each other anymore.
1: Sorry. Its over!

So what do you think? Is this a cowards way or its the best option to avoid confrontations/getting physical. By physical I don’t just mean fight, I also mean “getting intimate”. I know of a story of some girl trying to break up, she went to tell homeboy she wants out and someone ended on her back(she wasn’t forced oo), to cut story short she got Preggaz!!

Lol! I think no. 7 & 5 are the funniest and meanest of the 10 while no. 1 is just straight to the point. Which is your favorite tho?

5 thoughts on “10 Great ways to break up via text messages” by pendapearl (@pendapearl)

  1. very funny, but I guess walking away is worse than all these in text messages.

  2. 4: I am bad with commitment, and i would just end up cheating on you anyway. So let’s end it.
    #4 screams ME! But I would say it in person… we weren’t dating through text messages so we shouldn’t break up.through text messages either!

    1. lol, @ufuomaotebele, yea in person is best but like Pearl pointed out, chances are you may get physical. I once broke up with an ex 4 times(2 times by me and twice by her) because we got physical and made up afterwards. Confusing times to say the least.
      Guys get 8 (the friendzone) a lot
      If I had to then I guess 9 is me lol

      1. If you really really want to break up with someone, you go there in hopes, actually no you’re not even hoping at this point you know for sure that you want out then there’s no space for physical stuff.

        You can only be seduced when you allow yourself to be.

        My point is, don’t just break up with someone for the fun of it, be serious about it and always know what you want. I think you still had feelings for your ex before she became your ex maybe that’s why you allowed yourself to be carried away in that brief moment @aplusn

  3. really walking away is like the cowards way. @shovey … my friend said she tried number 5. it was unbelievably funny… @ufuomaotebele , am happy you enjoyed reading and yes I believe face-face is sometimes advisable

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