Tales of Tera 7

He woke up by 1:30 pm on the next day. He was scolded by his parents for coming home drunk the previous night,his mum practically forcefed him with a huge glass of milk before tucking him in.

” What time is it? ” He asked the maid who pulled up the window blinds after he commanded her to do so. His head hurt him intermittently. As expected,Richie was seated on a cubby couch,he stared addictively at the comical characters on tv,he was busy playing video games as usual.

” What happened last night? ” Richie asked the moment the maid left.

” I took the wrong drink so I got drunk…I had an unforgettable experience. ” He responded with a big grin and called the maid to return the ash shirt he wore last night,she wanted to launder it.

” What happened? Why is there so much lipstick on it? ”

” I was with a girl. It was the best moment I had ever shared with a female. I think I’m madly in love. ”

” Seriously? With who? Tera? ”

” I’m over Tera…we’re best of friends and nothing more ”

” Then who was it? ”

” I really don’t know. ”

” You don’t know who you made out passionately with last night? ”

” Yeah..dumb right? I was knocked out by the alcohol. ”

” Okay..where was Tera when this happened? ”

” I really don’t know..I think she left angrily,the party must have gotten too wild for her. That reminds me,I’ve gotta apologise to her,and find out if anyone at the party knows who this mystery girl is. ”

He started making phone calls to almost everyone who attended the party.

” Why not ask Solomon? Didn’t he drive you last night? ” Richard suggested wisely.

” Yeah..that’s right ” Mark responded and called him up instantly.

He was a tall,dark complexioned man in his early thirties with a wife and five kids.

” Oga Sirs! ” He hailed Mark who sat cross legged on the living room sofa,and Richie who grinned excitedly.

” How are you? ”

” I’m fine, Sir. ”

” Good…can you recount last night’s events for me? ”

” Yes Sir..that your friend wey dey sing call me say make I come pick you from the party wey u comot go…na im I come..e get one very fine girl with small load(endowments)wey enter the motor with you sha.”

” Who was it? Tera? ”

” Oga no be she ohh…this one different well well..and she no dey wear glasses. I just remember say I drop her for around Allen Street sha…but I no too sabi her face…if I see her,maybe I go fit recognise her. ”

” Okay..bring out the car from the garage. We’ve got places to go. ” Richie smiled excitedly and ran into the car with Mark.

His first stop was Tony’s house. He met with his other band members there and they all seemed clueless about this ‘mystery girl’.

” Are you sure it wasn’t an hallucination? ”

” Of course I am Yinka…her lipstick’s all over my shirt. I mistakenly bit her lips whilst we were together. ”

” I think you should ask Tera,since your driver insists the girl stays on Allen street,” Tony advised.

” That’s a good idea. ”

” Hmm…Mr Casanova is in love…this is a serious something ” Chima affirmed with a wink.

” Why did I agree to go out with you if you wouldn’t let me step out of the car? Its really not fair ” Richie complained the minute Mark got into the car.

” I’m sorry,our discussion was a brief one..I didn’t wanna bother you..We’ll both enter into Tera’s house. That way, you’ll be able to catch up with Christopher. ”

” Thanks, big bro! You’re awesome..I hope this ‘mystery’ girl rocks as much as you do ” He replied with a bright smile.


” Debs! I need your help! ” Tera yelled and ran into the kitchen where Debbie was cooking with a hand to her chest.

” What is it? ”

” Its Mark…he’s coming over…What do I do? He mustn’t see this! ” She affirmed with a hand to her bruised lip.

” Hmmm…I’m out of ideas oh…maybe we should rub lots of cream on your face and lip..we can tell him that its a skincare treatment. ”

” What if I mistakenly lick it? Besides..I don’t wanna see him yet…I can’t see him without blushing and acting nervous. ” The apple of her cheeks got reddened instantaneously.

” Uhh…I understand sweetie..I would tell him that you went to drop something off with Daddy at the office…sounds better right? ”

” Yeah it does…Thanks…you’re the coolest cousin ever. ” Tera hugged her tightly.

There was a knock at the door a few minutes later. It was Mark and Richie as expected.

” Sweethearts! When last did I see you guys? You two seem to be growing more handsome daily. ” Debbie commented after hugging them with a broad smile plastered over her face.

” Thanks..I know I’m more handsome than he is ” Richie replied with an air of confidence. After laughing at his remark,they asked to see Tera.

” She’s not around ….she just went out…I’m surprised that you didn’t see her on your way here. ”

” Really? She didn’t inform me. Where to? ”

” Dad’s office. And I think they’ll come home late. ”

” Okay! My regards to everyone. I’ll call her later. Thanks Debs! ”

” Thanks sweetheart! ” She waved at them smiling.


” Wait! ” Mark commanded his driver when he sighted a tall and average looking girl walking down the street.

” Look at her…is her face familiar? ” He asked his driver.

” No oh oga..no be she. ” He replied.

Mark felt quite frustrated when he returned home. He was very sure this mysterious girl was his soul mate,he had never experienced such desire for any of the girls he courted in the past. He received a phone call from Yinka a few hours later.

” I’ve got good news for you dude! The girl’s name is Emerald Badmus. That’s the name of the person you’ve been looking for. Check out her facebook pictures for confirmation. ”

Mark conducted the search the instant he ended the call. She had some of the features he remembered,and for the first time in hours,he smiled and kept trying to reach Tera to no avail.


Emerald Badmus walked elegantly into the eatery. She was clad in a short black gown with long sleeves and a pair of red heels. She wasn’t really beautiful but there was something very much desirable and appealing about her due to her full endowments. He saw the plaster on her lips..it was the full proof he needed.

” Hello dear! Nice to see you again ” She remarked and held onto him briefly. Emerald was enchanted by him. His beautifully sculpted face and dreamy eyes enraptured her attention. After patting his sweaty forehead with a pocket square,Mark summoned the courage to speak.

” Uhmm…..I’ve been looking forward to this meeting for quite a while. Although,I’ve got one question for you ”

” Ask away, my sweetheart. ” She replied and embraced his fingers teasingly.

” Why did you jump into the car with me? ”

” I was concerned..you were drunk,and I needed a ride home so I figured that there was no harm in hitching a ride with my Luminous crush. ” They chatted for hours before parting ways.

” Did you kiss her? ” Richie asked him after he had briefed him on how the date went.

” No I didn’t…maybe on our second date. ”

” Yeah…don’t hesitate to try that next time..that way,you can be sure if it was your heart speaking or the alcohol. ” He advised wisely.

” I just sent Tera a text. I want her to go on the date with me..if she approves of Emerald,I’ll date her right away. ”

” That’s a great idea. ”


” Debs! I think Mark remembers..he wants us to meet at a restaurant tomorrow. ” Tera exclaimed with a bright smile and she adjusted her glasses slightly.

” Really? That’s great news! Let’s pick out something for you to wear..I’ll try applying foundation to your lip sha..so it won’t ruin your look.”


Tera alighted from the cab with an excellent carriage. Her green jumpsuit complimented her skin colour perfectly,and the black blazer added a sophisticated edge to her look. She made heads spin when she walked into the restaurant. She thought her spectacles were deceiving her. Mark was sitted at the table with a scantily clad girl who wore a purple gown. She stared at the card in her hand just to confirm that she wasn’t mistaken. Tera bit back tears and walked slowly towards the table.

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