Stream Of Consciousness…

Fold my resumé into a paper plane if I can’t afford a round trip ticket, back to my senses,
If I’m too jet-lagged to pilot,
let the plane crash,
but don’t put the fire out until I’m lit
Rolling in the deep with a pair of dice and an opinion, gambling with my life
If my head rolls after the coin toss
Tell the tale to anyone willing to listen,
I loved the honeymoon more than my wife
We split into halves, so she got quarters for alimony, n’ saved up, then bought into a new life
Conjugal ties and birthday suits kept me warm on cold nights
Heart on my sleeve, blood on my hands,
I killed Cupid in self defense,
So I pleaded a fifth of vodka to induce Coma in case I ended up with a long Sentence,
But I was still sentenced, and jailed in matrimony,
If love was a crime, I’d be a free man
But then again, I’m just a tenet lost in a false constitution of mind
Possessed by the spirit of the law, as seasoned as I am raw
Seasons pass, friends fail; time tests everything
The sky could fall any minute from now,
And take my life,
But that’d just leave me with more questions,
Like, if I sold my spirit, would I have to settle for rum,
Would the leaves of my poetree ever fall in Autumn
I’d die if the gin ever ran dry, if I found myself lost in the desert of my mind,
Looking for a wet dream to quench my thirst,
I’m prepared for the worst
I wished for the wind to take away my sins if it ever blew like the violets
You left, so I write
To non-existent lovers on cold nights
Shots of the hot left my thoughts lukewarm n’ my fingers frost-bitten
The moonlight grazed my skin,
I bled with a half-smile, half-smitten
Put a flower to my nose,
I’d pluck petals if my emotions ever rose
Marigolds n’ blossoms
She loves me, she loves me not,
Just a string of thought I could’ve chosen to hang myself with if I ever became suicidal,
Add a twist to the plot,
But I’d rather knot
The truth came out when I knocked
She loves me, she loves me not,
I should stop
You crossed my mind n’ paid no heed to road signs
Life is a trip, but I don’t ever want to fall into love or sin for as long as I live,
Or dye, if I ever try to cover up my white lies,
Or hide my true colours
One minute I’m clean
Next minute I’ve got dirt on my name
That’s two minutes of my time spent
Society can keep the change,
Strange if you couldn’t catch the change in theme
I was King to my mistress, pawn to my queen
My reign, came timely with the drought
But she thirsted for something more than drink
Incidentally my love ran dry,
She cried me an ocean,
I built her a boat to sail away
But she drifted, fell off the horizon, and back into my life
So in the heat of the moment, I planted a kiss n grew some emotions
She reciprocated n took my seeds on virgin soil
Our son was close, but dawn seemed so far away
The pregnancy was terminated, we never saw the light of day
I ran into save him, but time ran out
There I stood, north of no south
Half the man I was yesterday,
A shadow of myself  at sunset,
Over the horizon my son-set,
In black and white,
And then came twilight
I think a shot of scotch,
Or a little vodka n Dock’ll keep the pain at Bay
But If Captain Morgan forces me to jump ship,
I’d drown in this stream of consciousness,
With a bottle of whiskey as my witness
in case I don’t make it to Heaven
But if I do, light one in my memory
And say a word or two on my behalf to the Reverend
For the sins of my youth,
And for the sake of my brethren


37 thoughts on “Stream Of Consciousness…” by six (@six)

  1. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    I love! Love!! Love!!! This is just wonderful… I loved every line of it. I loved the way you used your words.
    This is really nice.

    I can’t even decide the lines I love most. This is really beautiful.
    I hope in not beginning to ramble as well. Lol!
    But this was definitely worth my time.
    Thanks @six

    1. Much love @Roy-journals, glad you saw the beauty in it. But honestly, I didn’t have sh#t in mind when I started this. I just wrote the first line and every other thing fell in place. Straight up n down. Thanks all the same man.

      1. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

        In that case you should write more often. If you wrote this without much effort, I wonder what to we would get when you put more effort into a piece…
        Really nice.

  2. @Six. I agree with @Roy-journals this is beautiful, although it is a sad poem you wrote it in a beautiful way that lessens the sadness in the poem. Good one.

  3. @Six. I agree with @Roy-journals this is beautiful, although it is a sad poem you wrote it in a beautiful way that lessens the sadness in the poem. Excellent piece.

  4. Much love @Roy-journals, glad you saw the beauty in it. But honestly, I didn’t have sh#t in mind when I started this. I just wrote the first line and every other thing fell in place. Straight up n down. Thanks all the same man.

  5. @danjuma muchas graçias esse. You thought the poem was sad? I thought it was more nihilistic, well at least vaguely so, but it’s whatever man. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Wonderful piece.

  7. Osheee… My man @six is back!

    I’ve always loved your use of metaphors

    Conjugal “ties” and birthday “suits” kept you warm. **Warm clothing. (the latter, double entendre for naked bodies…)
    **Hints to an affair as the love for wifey withered.

    “Pleaded a fifth of vodka…” **a wordplay on Fifth amendment rights, is it? Lol.

    Your poem needs a doc ASAP bro, its got very ill rhymes. :D

    Sell your SPIRIT… RUM…
    Leaves of poeTREE
    **I sight you.

    Still on the theme of illicit liaisons “…looking for a wet dream to quench your desire…” while still referencing the dryness in the desert of the previous line. Wicked.

    More metaphors on point
    Write (right), left…
    …dye (for “die”)… White lies… Colours…
    Others duly sighted

    Alas the mistress fell in love (where’s the fun in that? The bro don’t need no love.)

    Ouch, homeboy caught feelings.

    Eiya… Son died.

    …Dock… bay… I see you.

    Slick ending.

    Now, I guess anyone can see why I’m glad when @six writes his brand of poetry…

    “Rapoetry” if I may. :)

  8. @elovepoetry , e don tey, thanks for dropping by

  9. @anakadrian , my very own man, your breakdown was spot-on, everything was on point baba… but, there was something you didn’t quite catch in that fifth of vodka line…”I pleaded a fifth of vodka to induce COMA in case I ended up with a LONG SENTENCE”… In English, commas are needed for long sentences n run-on sentences, so there’s some subtle wordplay there too. My oga, na rapoetry you callam? Issokay. Thanks for dropping by man

    1. Ah, nice nice… I see it now, lol. I’m sure I wouldn’t have missed it if I had heard it sung as opposed to reading it.

      1. @anakadrian thank you for the break down. @six is always in a world of his own whenever he writes,,,, forget me not! :-)

  10. Nice piece.
    I love the flow and the use of words.
    Beautifully woven.

  11. Kool man. This is what I kall a slam. This ia something that should be recited. Do you do spoken words or slam? If you do, then this is a good piece bro. Think about it.

    1. @thaprince, slam you call it? Sadly no, I don’t do spoken word, iono how to, but I’ve been thinking of it as of recent. I’ll sha learn, e dey YouTube ba? No matter. Thanks for stopping by Onome, good looking out.

  12. The lines were very intoxicating…. and they killed me softly.

    When I got here, “You crossed my mind n’ paid no heed to road signs..” I just had to sigh. For all those guys who crossed over, not looking at the road sign and especially not asking for permission, @six shall help me fight them.

    You were missed!! I hope you’re back for better!!!!!

    1. @ufuomaotebele sisi Eko, how body? I went on a brief break, school n all, but I’m back for good, no shaking. Missed you guys too o, I no go vanish again, no worry. Thanks for stopping by ma’am, where’re O-Money and Kevwe sef?

      1. Same question I’m asking where is @omoniyi-adeshola??? And Kevwe is currently experiencing a withdrawal lol…. but I’ve been keeping in touch with him… he’s great! :-)

  13. Withdrawal? Writer’s block? Let him show his face joor. As for O-Money, I think he travelled to another country and has been trying to settle in or sum’n like that.

    1. Ohhh that sounds exciting. I’ll find him in that country… because he’s poems are needed. Kevwe needs some whipping… he really does.

  14. Last time I spoke to O-Money was like last year or so.

  15. RaPoetry it is, but sossick @six….

    Been looking for some kinda freedom in poetry. Well, I just found one…

    I really need to follow more of your work bro.

  16. @olarinoye54, fam much appreciation man. No fear, we dey here

  17. In no few words Six, you are too close to to seven- the number of perfection…as if you aren’t perfect anyway.

    You are unbelievable

  18. Every line in this poem is a punchline.
    Nice piece

  19. @PaulBushman what can I say, make we dey try na, abi? Thanks for taking out time to read it man, nice one.

  20. Stream of Consciousness! This reminds me of James Joyce’s two novels: ‘A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’ and ‘Ulysses’. The concept of stream of consciousness was first toyed with in the first work in 1916 and later expounded in 1922. This poem is as rebellious as it’s enticing.
    @six you are too good bro. This concept was my best back in the days.
    Well done sir.

  21. @Chime221 , I’m flattered man. This was actually my first attempt at this kind of thing, but I’m glad I was able to pull it off. I’m at your service sir.

  22. Kwiksie twales for you @six. This was all shades of creative, enjoyable, and very much well writ. Your style and the play with words really tripped me here this guy. Thank you for tagging me. Very nice one. :)

  23. @Kwiksie , it’s all in a day’s work ma’am. Thank you for reading :-) . Glad to see you back here again.

  24. This is amazing, my favorite is that you use double meanings son/sun dye/die so on and so forth. You really ought to publish… Although it is known that poets are starving artists I am quite sure you can break the mold and become renowened with time… Its worth a try. This is too good @six

  25. @ivie9ja lol, thanks ma’am. God bless. All noted, I’ll do well to further

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