Sending The Stars To Shine For You

(For Dotta, Dora, Ngohide,  Faeren, Sefa and all my siblings)


You might have left our lands long

but the stars, I know, shine down there like they shine here.

The moon might come out a bit late

but it would still be the same one

that we pursued across surfaces on many watered plains.

I feel the wrinkles coming but smoothen them

and let the play of the day continue to colour your every moment.

This, I know, would rid you of every torment.


It might be night here but day still tickles you there –

though I can guess that even on your day,

you would be more servant than served…

Dance with Time, sis,

enjoy the essence of that love that drove you wild.

Look at the beauty of your several springs,

of our siblings and drink of the thoughts of us on this side.


We might not send you all we wish but know,

that even as we force words to flow,

words that our feelings hardly show,

you occupy a place that you might never know…


If I could ask for another sis,

I would probably ask for one closer to bring me ease

Forgive me dear (laughs)… You know I simply tease


There might be many that life has blessed us with

but you are one that remains a light none can dare

compare to shine with…

5 thoughts on “Sending The Stars To Shine For You” by Sueddie Agema (@sueddie)

  1. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Awe so sweet. So painful when loved ones are far

    1. @Ivie9ja Abi? Na so we see am o… All these things can really be stressing, stressful and sad. But somehow, we survive, abi?
      Now, the ‘awe’ left me blushing :)

      PS: This poem was written as part of a story from my published short story collection, The Bottom of Another Tale.

      How are you?

  2. This sounds more like a rap song than a poem.
    However, it’s a great read. The end rhyming is just great.
    It’s painful when loved one are far away. I’ve experienced when my elder brother travelled out. Initially I was just so lonely, I couldn’t do anything. But then, I got used to it.
    Nice one @sueddie …I think I’ve seen this name somewhere. Is there a contest/anthology that you are the judge or curator, I can’t remember…???

    1. @chime221: Hey! Thanks! It sounds like rap? Maybe I should work on my rapping skills then :) I am sure it will make sense, at least, for me.
      You’ve seen my name somewhere abi? Maybe o… There are number of contests and anthologies I was opportuned to be part of… You know how sometimes these things happen.
      What’s your name on Facebook? Maybe we can meet there?
      Thanks for reading and more thanks for dropping a comment. Means much.

  3. Chime Jọstis Ndụbụisi. That’s me on FB. I got your request. Thanks for everything.

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