My Pen, My Ink

I knew I’m a pen,
How good I am, I don’t know.
I’m still a tiny soul in the finger of men,
But I keep for them what they wish to sow.
I run an errand of deep emotion,
Moving concurrently from left to right,
Like a snake moving on a lateral motion;
But reflecting life, I tried to make that bright.
Oh! My ink,
How can I thank thee for your contribution?
Without thy grace, what can I link?
Thou hast been the source of my inspiration,
And when I’m marked Excellent,
I mark thee magnificent.

10 thoughts on “My Pen, My Ink” by Shonde Ismail Adeshina (SIA) (@Easylife32)

  1. What a piece for man to learn
    for in it we will a lot learn.

  2. The first line…
    “I knew I’m a pen…” KNOW instead???

    I think we all should read this to our pens …please write one for my laptop lol…

    Poem was enjoyable.

  3. @EASYLIFE32. I love this, what a wonderful way to pay homage to the almighty pen.

  4. thank you all for your comment. @ ufuoma; o! my laptop
    your output is always on top
    ye wipe for me the stress of the hiccup
    And for that i’m giving you this top.

    lol. how about this?

  5. Ìnteresting piece.

  6. ‘The Pen is Mightier than the Sword’ is gradually becoming archaic….lol.
    Nowadays, because we live in a supersonic age, we punch straight into our phones, laptops, iphones, ipads etc….
    But yet, there’s a something you can’t take away from the pen…

  7. @Chime221, nice comment sir. Through the pen, we take note of most of our intellectual material even till now.

  8. Well, I’ll still disagree with that. Personally, I’ve not used my pen to write anything intellectual for the past 3 years. Yet I begin writing a new poem at least, every 2weeks.

  9. @Chime221, @Ufuomaotebele and @danjuma, sirs and mas it seems u did not get my real motive behind dis piece, the pen here symbolises I as a young writer while d ink symbolises the God almighty who is d brain behind all writers. Thank u all 4 ur contribution

  10. @easylife32, it’s not your call to tell us what your writing means. You are only a midwife that helped in delivering the baby, which is your writing…and now that the baby is born, the real owners, which in this case are the readers/critics will read and decode…you’ll be forcing your meaning on us if explain…

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