Nnenna the Damsel

Nnenna the Damsel

Nnenna The Damsel.
By Sekoni Bright

Cover me with her kisses
For this Love is better than Wine
Love me to pieces
For your Love would I dine

You are such a beautiful woman
Thy love Like a small bag of myrrh
Hanging around my neck like a Doorman
A cluster of Henna flowers is all you Desire

Your eyes like the doves in the sky
A lily in the valley not ready to wither
Like a Gazelle in the mist fly
Tending to put my soul to gilder

A Beautiful Damsel yet Withheld
Like the stones in shadow yet untold
Pure as the virgins on the mountain
Daring and caring as a close Fountain

2 thoughts on “Nnenna the Damsel” by Sekoni Bright (@sekonibright)

  1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Nice lines. But I found the overall poem boring.

    I.always dare people to be different, to bring that extra good stuff to their works. Thousands of people have written about a beautiful damsel but I didn’t want you to do what they have already done; the typical descriptive poem.

    It’s not just about writing beautiful lines and rhythms but the poem has to come off as a story of it’s own.

    Please keep writing. Romance your every word and tell us a different tale when you WRITE!

  2. Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

    Too predictive for me. Nnenna was nowhere in the poem. Is this Nnenna a fallacy or real? If ahe is just a frament of your fantasy then you would made her come alive. You ought to have made her yours.

    You have fallen in live I believe. You ought to have brought that to the fore.
    When you do poetry you put yourself in the place of your character as if your are in it. You try to make it personal as if it is you that is involved.

    Next time make your Nnenna come to life. No one is perfect. We all are just trying to be. This is coming from one poet to another. Keep on writing Sekoni.

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