Life in High School 3

“A penny for your thoughts?”, my bestie, Sophia Sunday asked with worry written all over her face.
” No, ten”, I replied with a grim face.
“I’ve looked all over for you, almost gave up when I ran into tu-mama who said to check you here, what must have caused you to come sit in the restroom?…..wait, don’t tell me its that jerk, Dare that made you like this ’cause I saw the idiot grinning from ear to ear like he just won a 1960 bet”, am sure that was an exaggeration.
Umph!, trust Sophy to talk so fast without so much as taking a breath. “I___
“That dude, as much as I know doesn’t love you, now, don’t give me that face, I bet he’s just thrilled about dating the most popular girl in school”
“Gosh dude, don’t make excuses for the nitwit___ you didn’t cry the first time when he broke up with you and said he was just joking or when you caught him cheating on you….yeah, I know, I know he apologised, so what? tell me Nyke, why now?
Whew!, is she finally giving me a chance to talk? What do I even say? “I guess….those tears are just coming to me now?, I muffled hoping that would shut her up.
” Common girl, you’ve……
Ugh!, so much for hope, I gotta do something, some….yeah!
“Hey, girlfriend, what’s gotten over you?”
“Nothing”, I replied smiling, leaping down from the sink definitely got her momentarily shocked.
“Well, whatever, so, now you’ve gotten over Dare?”, at my sullen face, she quickly continued, “You’ll get over him soon enough, you’re too good for him, let’s get back up now, we musta been missed”, Sophy to my utmost joy concluded as she grabbed my hand and left me no other choice than to walk-run.
Gosh!, this girl doesn’t know how to do things calmly, so unlike me, well, Sophy is kind of cool in her own way, if you decide to be blind to her major characters and call her cool. Just like me, she’s tall like 5″ 1 or is it just 5 feet and she’s also tanned, aside those, we are so opposite, just like night and day.
“Nyke, we seriously got to have an escalator or an elevator or something, either that or we have a restroom on this floor”, she lamented between pants.
“Yeah”, am not even sure if I said that out loud
Thank God she didn’t start her preaching but gave me that ‘girl, grab a life’ look.

“Uh-oh, I think we’re busted”, Sophy must have been reading my thoughts as she whispered to me.
“Good morning sir”, we both chorused, more like a ‘sing-song’ and that actually soften up his stern face, he must be a smoker, kai! Mr Wilson at it again, he is too close-fisted, that man should be a businessman, not a proprietor. Miss Mary, the maths teacher, now ex-maths teacher probably demanded for a raise in her salary and she got fired, I wonder when that man will cease his habit of firing teachers and pay them good money.
“What are your names”, the new teacher asked smiling, or more accurately, an attempt at a smile.
“My name is Sophy Sunday”, she replied smiling, her smile made me think of a sly fox, my bestie is a flirt, I thought as I shook my head as if to clear the thoughts from my head.
“And I am Nike Johnson”
“Next time, don’t come late to my class, now go to your seats”, he said rather calmly, girls’ power, I think.
Okay, so who’s this newbie sitting beside me and he’s staring at me without even batting his eyelids, uhm, he’s got guts….wait! I know this face and seem like he remembers me too ‘cos his expression has suddenly change and we both exclaimed, ” YOU!”

16 thoughts on “Life in High School 3” by Adenyke (@And-romeda16@NS.)

  1. Wow…I love this ending in suspense…don’t keep us waiting…
    I had few problems with the quotation marks(“) at the early paragraphs…but the story line is getting more interesting…MORE!

  2. Adenyke (@And-romeda16@NS.)

    Really? thanks…I most definitely must have taken corrections, thanks for your comment

  3. Adenyke (@And-romeda16@NS.)

    “I had few problems with the quotation marks(“) in the early paragraphs”….I’ve read through twice but I can’t seem to find the error, could you please give me an exact pointer? thanks

  4. My biggest problem with this is the punctuation. It’s all scattered out. The comma placed after a quotation mark (“,), the use of underscore (_) instead of dash (—), the use of assembled periods (……) instead of the ellipsis (…). The use of other punctuation marks after a question mark or exclamation mark (?,) (!,). The lack of appropriate punctuation marks at the end of a sentence in a quotation mark. It’s just everywhere.
    And finally, the use of some punctuation marks where they aren’t necessary.

    It mars the total enjoyment of your story.
    I think you should read a few books to understand how best to use these marks.
    I’m not perfect at it either but we always get better by taking corrections.

  5. Adenyke (@And-romeda16@NS.)

    wow, I guess dazzal, noted

  6. Adenyke (@And-romeda16@NS.)

    when am writing the next series, I will be sure to keep your advice at mind’s reach…thanks

  7. treaconfy (@treaconfy)

    Wow! next please

  8. Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

    I like the idea. You are trying to portray a high school setting. I have issues with the dialogue, most especially your character “Sophy”. I don’t want to talk about the errors, I dnt’t need to say anything about that except for the phrase, “Tight fisted”, not “close fisted”. Am following.

  9. Adenyke (@And-romeda16@NS.)

    Thanks for reading and I appreciate your comment, gracias

  10. Adenyke (@And-romeda16@NS.)

    @treasurably, on its way

  11. Adenyke (@And-romeda16@NS.)

    sorry, treasurebaby, thought it’s treasurably

  12. Rekiya Adeshina (@Raykeeyah)


  13. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    Funny tho. just got one thinking of those good-old-days especially when you attend girls’ only kinda sch *winks

  14. Adenyke (@And-romeda16@NS.)

    please keep doing that ma’am Rekiya

  15. Adenyke (@And-romeda16@NS.)

    thanks for reading *winks back

  16. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Again 5″1 is short in height unless the girls are in Jss1. Your dialogue is almost too quick though I understand that u are trying to deliver the conversation in the manner that a high school girl would speak. I’m sure you’ll soon find your balance. The advice others have given says it all. Still following

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