Let me be!

Let me be!

If I make a note for every word that rings in my
head, I would be another Diderot. Sometimes I
walk down a lonely road and a vision to put pen
to paper makes my thinking go red. I tried to read
what some story tellers say and deep within the
lines are reluctant inferiorities. Writing is not all
about typing words for the likes. Writing involves
painting the picture of your life in a colour that
only a lover of wisdom can identify. How sweet I
feel whenever I say the mind of generations
unborn. How happy I am when I sleep with stories
that pillow my turbulent day. I began to get into
the deep. I see no reason to sleep. My friends I
love to keep but chance will never let us have a
full peep. The valley of life appears steep but
surely we will be bold and daring till we hear the
divine beep.
As illuminating the lines appear, I am just a lonely
man looking for an expression. On the streets I
look weird. No clean shave and no nice wears.
My saviour had one clothe all his life. So
therefore, let Ololade be. God clothes the lilly of
the valley. He feeds the birds of the sky. He
knows how to adorn the mind activist. No matter
who you are, your end is dust. Get it straight into
your head. Life is not a matter to trust. Carry
your cross and do better till your salvation

3 thoughts on “Let me be!” by Mr. Ololade (@Mr.Ololade)

  1. @MR.OLOLADE. This is lovely, short, precise and insightful. Well done.

  2. @Saba, thank you sir.

  3. This is quite an insight into the thought of generations yet unborn.
    Great job @Mr.Ololade

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