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Learning The Hard Way


People say the best way to teach a little child about fire is to allow him to touch it and feel the pain, but in my own case i was fore warned by my father but i was obstinate or should i say too enticed by the new luxurious world i suddenly found myself.

The prison bus jolted as it landed into one of the hundreds pot holes enroute to Karima maximum prison where i have just been condemn to spend the next fifteen years. For the last eight month, i have tasted the sweetest part of life courtesy David Morgan who transformed me from a local church choir to a rock star.
I was fortunate or as you may thought afterward, unfortunate to have met him when my church choir was invited to a gospel concert. As a good producer, he was quick to recognise my distinct vocal voice. He came to me after the concert and threw me a tempting offer. I dare not consult my father, a dedicated man of God who was a junior pastor in our church that i wanted to go into secular music, not just secular but hip hop!
I therefore seek advice from Johnson a bosom friend, who then gave me the confidence to accept the generous deal. That was how i got signed to DM records. Dad somehow learnt about my involvement with David and he threatened to disown me if i dabble into hip hop but i didn’t wait for him to carry out his treat. The following morning i packed out of the house to live in David’s mansion. David took me under his wing and gave me an intensive tutorial on how to make a good and acceptable hip hop music.
I dropped a single two months later which became a hit.This single catapulted me to the hall of fame and made me a super star. My fame came bearing wealth and prestige. Women came to me like ants to sugar and i took my time in ‘Sampling them’ one after the other.
“It is your time my boy, enjoy it” those were the words of my boss and mentor which i wrote in my heart.
My luck lasted for months until i stumble and fell into a dungeon. It was on a Thursday night, we went for a show organized by a famous telecommunication company in portharcourt. I performed well as expected and the crowd loved it.
After the show we drove to our hotel and soon found ourself in an elegant suit. I went to my room and laid my tired body to rest but as i was about close my eyes and give in to slumber, my boss opened the door and came in with a bottle of Hernessy in his hand.
”What’s up my man? Sleeping so early?” he spoke taking his sit on the bed putting the half empty bottle on the drawer.
”Yes, am tired” i replied sitting upright.
”Sorry my man” he said placing his wide palm on my bare back and gentle caressing it.
I didn’t find this odd, infact i was enjoying it until his hand travelled forward to my tiny nipples.
”Hummmm boss, please stop it” i said jocosely.
He pulled me to the bed and launch his mouth on my flat breast. I struggled to pulled him up but he was too strong for me. He restrained me with his strong hold and continued travelling around my body with his tongue. I couldn’t believe what i was seeing.
”Am i really being involve in an homosexual? No it can’t be” i objected.
With my full strength i broke free my left hand and reach out to find anything i could use to stop David from his madness. My hand found something on the drawer and i smashed it on his head. David withdrew from me and fell to the ground while i stood up from the bed and took a few step from where he was lying.
He stood up seconds later, blood gushing from his head. He looked at me ferociously while i picked up what was remained of the bottle i used earlier as defence. Had he not came at me like a wounded lion perhaps he would still have a taste of another breakfast on earth but he did and i struck his heart with the broken bottle.
I watched for the few moments he battled death but eventually he gave up.
‘Jeremiah Wilson, you just committed a murderer’ I placed both hands on my head and cried as i watched his lifeless body.

Written by Oluwafunminiyi

5 thoughts on “Learning The Hard Way” by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe (@Niyopumping)

  1. Ason who yielded not to his father’s instructions, heads to destruction. short and precise, though with some errors like the personal pronoun I in small letter; i seek advice from Johnson should be sought since it’s in the past.

  2. Thanks for reading.

  3. Well done @Niyopumping, this is a good piece, just for some typos:
    “you just commited murder” not “murderer”, “elegant suite” not “suit” and some tense issues.
    Keep writing sis.

  4. 90% .interesting story

  5. Great twist great story in fact, as was mentioned your tenses were off and spelling of certain words like Hennessy and you should have capitalized Port Harcourt

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