Lady Ifeoma

Lady Ifeoma

Many times I take my time to adore your glamorous looks
And nonetheless my vibrant retinas are lost in the aura of your caesura and without much ado I am comprised in the trance of your baby-packed fragrance

You really would not know how it looks to see a complete beauty like you in a world so down-casted like the ancient cultures
Your fruity smile is crisped by the sonority of your voice. I am covetous of your infrastructure and i really get lost in the map of your rechargeable smile.

In your occasional hug is a vocational mystery that poetic lines cannot convey

More warm than the night fire is a close rapport with you
It really incubates my mind than the hot plates of a morning rice before sunrise.
Do you remember to ask the mirror on the wall how you look?

Seeing your face is an every morning deadline that must be met…
The moment you smile at these comics, the nearer the eternal eternity.

4 thoughts on “Lady Ifeoma” by Mr. Ololade (@Mr.Ololade)

  1. I could imagine the essence of this poetry
    the undeniable love of one that makes her everyday entry
    into the heart and soul of everyone
    who forever will live in adoration of that someone

  2. Hehehe… that moment when the igbo version of my name pops up. Can I just pretend it’s me??

    And as I read each line, I thanked you. But! Whoever you wrote this for or who ever inspired you to write this amazing piece is one heck of a woman! I’m so happy you took the time out to appreciate”Ifeoma.” And every other Ifeoma out there.

  3. @MR.OLALODE. Very lovely and romantic. I hope you won’t mind if I use some of your lines to woo a girl I admire?.

  4. Hmm see adoration at it best, lol. The feeling is like none other. I can see into the heart of this narrarator. To say he is in love is an understatement.

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