The Great Deceit

I finally arrived to the land where people worshiped gold and silver. The land was bright like the sun and the noise was deafening to my ears. The people of this land wore amulets made of gold and shoes made of animal back skin. My attire was different from theirs, and their glaring stares made me aware. Their women were beautiful with blue eyes, carved hips, full breast and painted coal. A man without a god would fall for them never to return to his own. Children danced on the streets, merry with indifference they laughed and played the game of the forest beast and the hungry snake.

I was a man amongst other people, people who had never heard of the land of Ododo.
“Careful strange man, for death might be the next thing you see,” a voice whispered.
I turned to see who owned this voice. It was her, the morning bird, beautiful as the day I had first met her, she stood there brimming with a full smile.
“It is you.”
“Yes it is I.” she replied
“I am here for you”
“Then your journey has been squandered, for again I say, I have many men to be one with.”
“I remember your words, I also remember your body.”
“Follow me into the forest of nativity, let us talk some more,” she urged.

With her back facing me, she led me to a place back to the hills facing the land of gold and silver.
Soft as I pressed on them. Her full tender breast was filled to the brim with delicacy. It was a head rest I desired but could not sleep on, only kiss caress and fumble with. I was afraid if I pressed too hard, her standing tit would burst out with water from the vines of her womanhood. So with ease, I bite them carefully. With my mouth full, my hands worked its way down to her river of ivory. She was moist with the rubbing of the moment. As I plunged further, each rhythmic dance tasted like the forbidden fruit. Ridiculous pleasure. I then planted my hardwood down into her center, back and forth I pulled then pushed. My blood boiled as I moved through her north and south side. Her eyes dilated as my hardwood welded its way swaying effortlessly like a man after a drink. Sweat and more sweat dripped down onto my lover’s face. In this tense heated time, we kissed locking both lips and thighs. I rode her, and our strides seemed like it would end. Angrily, she pushed me aside and mounted onto me and just like that we were in the final push. We played the games of exploration, to which I found out that her garden tasted like the river flowing with peach.

“Akwaaba………………,” she cried out letting out a warm ‘Squish’ from the middle of her thighs.
She had arrived to the river of peach. With my lover filled, I went into her deeper and faster to understand the meaning of our journey.
Pushing and lashing I did, my blood boiled; red hot. She scratched my skin as my endeavor raged on. Then everything became bliss. For a moment I was somewhere else, someplace like the blue skies up high. I groaned with fulfilment which made my lover pour our more water and libido.
“Akwaaba my lover,” she said. “Welcome to forest of nativity.”


With the sounds of the night owl ringing, the man from the land of Ododo awoke, his eyes came know to the dark of night. He turned to his side to her face, there she laid dreaming of the act they had both made. She flinched as a night moth settled preying on her Ivory skin. He caressed her hair, kissed her on her head then stood up to explore the vast deeps of the forest. As the night fireflies lit up the green leaves, the forest shone and stood out beautiful. He walked and walked. As he did, the flowing down noise of water captured his mind. It was subtle and daringly nearby. So he increased pace and came onto a waterfall of water. Amassed with this sight, he threw away clothing and dived into the flowing water. For a moment he played like a child. Amidst the current of the water, a laugh from above rang out loud. He had heard that hysterically sound before. So he rose up. Standing, the man in red looked up.

Up the flowing waterfall, there the man with the staff stood. Wicked with grin, the man with the staff shrieked with laughter and more laughter.
“What brings you here foul man,” shouted the man in red.

“Look into the water, it tells your tale of a man leaving his people for a woman already chosen for other men,” the man with the staff replied.

The man in red looked into the water below. The water swiveled round and round. Faces began formation in the center of the swiveling water. He saw his lover with the man with the staff in a room making the motion of love. Then he saw the image of the man with the staff laughing on the night he had first met with his lover.

“What treachery is this,” he angrily shouted

“It is the woman, your lover, she is mine,” the man with the staff.”

“We deceived you, she used lust to drag you away from your land,”

“Only a fool without a god would have fallen to her evil vices.”

The man in red tried making meaning, but trouble had already sipped into his mind.
“Your words are full of disbelief,” said the man in red.
“I have forgotten my god, my people, what misery is this?” he thought.
“Your people now know of your treachery, like I told you child, you have no god to claim.” Said the man with the deep content. “And once again I have proven to your people that you are cursed.”
With a bittersweet belief he said to the man with the staff, “You have no grounds to this false tale.”
“Oh I do child, oh I do,” the man with the staff, to which he then shouted “Come forth woman”.
A woman appeared from the darkness, standing next to the man with the staff.
“Here she is, your true love,” said the man with the staff mockingly.
“My love, is this tale true?” asked the man in red; surprised.
“Fool, I have told you before I had many men to be one with,” she hissed out.
Like a wild beast, she began laughing, shouting out the words,
“Fool of Ododo!”
“Fool of Ododo go back home to shame.”
That dark night, deep in the forest of nativity, the man in red for the first time tasted the true meaning of sorrow. His heart bled black blood. Anger rose in his mind, but he swallowed it and prayed to his god.

“Forgive me
I was blind
Punish me, my fathers of Ododo
For I may see the wrongs of my ways.”

From then on his hate for the woman grew, but it was not as strong as the raw hatred he felt for the man with the staff. Their laughs made him sick with ill will, but he did not want to play the game of a fool again. So with one last look at them he walked out from the water, picked up his clothing and began his walk back.

“Fool of Ododo.” Her words had stung deep into his mind, but he refused it.
He knew what he had to do.
“Go back to the land of Ododo and beg for forgiveness.”

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  1. Well done @WORDSFROMUYI, why not connect all these stories of the man of Ododo into a uni-series.

  2. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

    @olarinoye54 thanks. That was the intention at the time i wrote these story, but that was a long time ago. Just wanted to get these stories out somehow. Again thanks

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