Fuck For Fuel

Jane was upfront.

‘You wan do? 20 LITERS OF PETROL.’

Ogba could not believe his ears. He looked at this 21st century Nigerian reincarnation of Cleopatra; her almost bare breasts threatening to smash his eyes. Her lips were an invitation to sexual paradise. But her eyes were cool with determined demand.

‘You must be kidding,’ he croaked, unable to control the lust choking his voicebox.

‘Am damned serious,’ she said quietly. ‘I like you and I know this is the big day. But we must be realistic.’

Ogba’s head went hot but he remembered the even hotter demand of the bulging rebel in his shorts. To be held at erotic gunpoint at this damned time. He dared not grab her even though she was barely a fist away,  practically undressed in a strapless ‘spaghetti’ top and bum shorts. The jigging of her jugs indicated that a bra was not part of her wardrobe.

‘Be reasonable,’ he almost begged. ‘After all I have done? The gifts, the dinner?’

Jane barely heard him. How to keep life moving without petrol had engulfed all her senses till Ogba resumed bothering her.  He had not let her be since he saw her at Shoprite five months ago. Initially she had given him the brush-off. Although he was good-looking she had a good thing going with Ibrahim, the married son of her father’s friend.. But the guy showed up three weeks ago, dropped a fat wad of cash on her table and told her to forget about him. He was through. Jane had been deeply hurt and contemplated revenge. But sanity prevailed after she cried through three nights and talked matters over with her intimate friend, Funke.

Trouble was; she wanted a man’s body like mad. Yet a woman must take advantage of opportunities that come her way. And this fuel scarcity was biting hard.

‘Ok, tomorrow morning. Thirty liters, I swear.’

Jane was not impressed. ‘ After you fuck me finish? No, lover-boy. I don’t need the cash equivalent.’

Ogba scratched his head. ‘How do I get twenty liters at 11p.m?’

She smiled. ‘Simple. The black marketers at Aina Street, opposite Mobil Petrol Station, are busy around this time. ‘ Before Ogba could protest she raised her right hand and pouted in a manner that made Ogba remember the first time he saw Linda Lovelace in the classic 1970s American porn movie ‘Deep Throat.’

‘You told me you had a contact there.’

Ogba swore at that moment never to open his big mouth wide before a woman again. It was one of those conversations during a softening-up process at the bar of Kongo Hotel. As she moaned about the fuel scarcity alongside other patrons he let slip his contacts with the black marketers.

Ogba sighed deeply. There was no point cheapening himself any further. As his mind raged Jane pressed her body against his and gently took hold of his zipper. Ogba moaned, almost unhinged by desire. Jane stepped back abruptly before his hands could get busy.

That settled it. Ogba picked up his mobile phone and dialed a number. It was one hell of a haggling. Obele, the one-eyed black marketer, would only do business for forty-eight thousand naira.  He had to supply the stuff sharp-sharp at Ogba’s place and there were risks and expenses involved.  Finally, they agreed at forty-five.

‘I will kill you today once the Jerry can is here,” Jane whispered in his ear.

Obele’s man arrived twenty minutes later to meet an anxious Ogba waiting downstairs. Money and Gallon exchanged hands.

Jane threw herself in her man’s arms as soon as he secured the precious liquid in the empty storeroom. ‘You are the man,’ she cooed sultrily.’ Come.’

Ogba’s bed broke that night.



35 thoughts on “Fuck For Fuel” by henry c.onyema (@ezeakwukwo)

  1. AHhh…..fuel!

  2. u should av respected d word ‘f**k’ and rather used a title lyk ‘fuel service’ or otherwise which could av made d title more pleasant. Also, d following expressions were not properly punctuated- …Her lips were an invitation
    to sexual paradise. But her eyes were cool with
    determined deman (, instead of . between Paradise and but); …Although he was good-looking she
    had a good thing going (‘,’ between looking and she); …on her table and told her to forget
    about him. He was through. (clumsy), and it would b clearer to indicate d speaker, as omitted here: Jane was not impressed. …‘ After you fuck me
    finish? No, lover-boy. I don’t need the cash
    Ogba scratched his head. ‘How do I get twenty
    liters at 11p.m?’.

    1. Thanks for all the observations. But I went for the title because I wanted something forceful, even if a bit raw. I appreciate your comments.

  3. very timely. ha ha ha. nice

  4. It is well o! This fuel issue now makes our writers think outta the box. tho it sounds funny but I bet this issue of fuel scarcity isn’t something to joke about at all. God bless Nigeria. We’ll surely stand the test of time.

    1. Amen, Aderonke.

  5. Your title straight up turned me off… and now, I can’t even bring myself to read the story… and I did not.

    Very bad… titles are the key!

    1. You are entitled to your opinion, my sister of the pen. But do not judge a book by its cover.

      Thank you for commenting. I appreciate it.

      1. It’s cover and title was off though…

  6. About the title issue–I don’t mind. I just appreciate the creative aspect of the story–weaving a funny tale from a very disturbing situation.

    1. That is the point. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. I completely agree with @namdi.

  7. Me, I don’ t see anything wrong with the title. Infact it was the title that drew me in the first instance..
    Nice write up, bro

  8. The title made me read the story.

  9. Situation at hand is that bad shaa!
    Getting a story out our present predicament, that’s very thoughtful.
    As for the title it’s quite provocative.

  10. So now, i must comment.
    @ogaoga , i think Newbies should be restricted from posting comments, they’re all adding to the crap.
    @ezeakwukwo , i respect that you’re a “Naijastories head wordsmith” ( whatever that is) but then, Im wondering how you ever got there.
    Your cover was crap, the title…Super crap and the content?! Blehhh, what genre is this?! Humor? smh, I’d rather watch NTA Newsline. I cant even get the whole gist here?!

    Most people only came on here to read an erotic piece which IMO is absurd….and if you’re thinking this story is about Nigerian fuel scarcity, you’re wrong big time.

    @Shovey , what box was this story taught out of?! Let’s be real here, there’s nothing spectacular about this?! Nobody’s thinking out of any box.

    And for everyone who thinks the title is “perfect”, you just might be faaaaar from being officially published.

    1. If anyone, including me, gets pissed off at Ugochukwu, then he or she is not ready to be a writer. Such venom helps to keep the creative juice flowing.

      I stand by this story; will tell it anywhere, anytime. Appreciate all the criticisms and commendations. Ugo, my guy, be a literary critic. Kaycee, an old hand here whom you might be imitating (you may not know him since you are clearly new here) spiced his acerbic attitude with literary competence.

      All the best, bro. No hard feelings. Get your machete ready as more pieces ‘crazier’ than this are on the way. Newbies, do your stuff.

    2. What’s that now @ugochuckwu ? Mtchew!!!!!!!

      Now, people get their points and ranks on NS by commenting and posting stuffs. That’s how @Ezeakwukwo got to be a head wordsmith.

  11. Nigeria. Many possibilities. Wonderful

  12. @ugochuckwu , scribe sir, you’re to critique the story and not condemn it or attack the writer. You have a point, the writer didn’t quite make me believe. But the way you went about it will only turn this into a battle, and nothing will be achieved.

  13. @musite You don’t have to mind @ugochuckwu . It’s all become part of him, something everyone’s almost got used to. Lol, he has a problem with everything. Even questioning the judges who shortlisted entries for #Challenge_Me contest …there’s always a subtle way to make a mark.When he speaks now, I just ignore…everyone is entitled to their opinions. No matter how absurd something is, no crap comes from the human brain..You don’t like the title, I like the title, that doesn’t make me degradable at all…some people talk and you take time to listen to them, while some others strive so much for attention that you get used to them…
    Different characters exist here in this community, and many do not cease to amuse me.
    Saying newbies shouldn’t be allowed to comment, that’s the biggest crap I’ve ever seen here. .
    Bro, next time @ugochuckwu , you should learn to embrace ‘tolerance’ and maybe check up the word ‘equality’ in the dictionary…
    Until then, everyone keep writing.

    1. @praize my respect for you don increase with this diplomatic comment, I just had to comment..
      Tomorrow if you want to contest for any position in government, I will vote for you.
      Some newbies might be better writers than the head worthsmiths, they weren’t just here in time.
      If @ogaoga has no problem with a piece then I don’t see why someone should.
      I’m sure even Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe who are giants of literature won’t say such degrading things about other writers.

  14. There is the possibility that we might have teenagers on this platform.

    Using profane languages as titles or in books can put off people.
    I didn’t read it cos of the title. It put me off also

    Do you think that a writer can get published using profane words as titles? Your answer is as good as mine.

    I am sure we know all know why we are writing. Like I have said before, a write up can lift up a spirit or being it down. Lets write with genuine purpose. Lets write with the aim of making someone happy Lets write with the aim of putting a smile on someones face.

    Our comments should be constructive with the aim of improving other writers and ourselves. Nobody no am pass for here. Sugarcoated comments are deceptive.

    1. Colleague of the pen, I do not write to please people. If people are put off by the word FUCK, it is their entitlement. This teenage business, perhaps Naijastories may regulate this site to ensure certain things are off-limits to certain groups but we must not kid ourselves that kids aren’t getting across to certain stuff.

      I only wish some of us are broad-minded to see beyond certain preconceived notions. Like I said somewhere, even more ‘crazier’ stuff will be put out by me, here and elsewhere. Wish you saw the hell of the fuel scarcity while it lasted. Thank God I created this out of it. No apologies, folks. No hard feelings, either.

    2. There are many Nigerian and non-Nigerian published writers whose works contain ‘profane’ stuff like or worse than mine. Doubt me? Crosscheck HALF OF A YELLOW SUN by Adichie.


  15. (@ezeakwukwo): bro you just pointed out one book out of many. Teenagers or not, the xontent of what you are putting out there must play a positive part in someones life.

    Like I asked why are writing? The fact that others are doin something that is not kool, does it now make it ryt?Cos you were quick to point out Adichie Ngozi. I have not read the book but am certain that she didnt make use of the ‘f’, word and neither did she use it as a title for any of her books.

    At the end of the day its your perogative. Noone has power over ur thoughts but you have a choice over what kinda writer you wanna be.

    The fact that teens of this century have gonw wild doesnt mean that we have to encourage them.

    Will you allow your 13yrold bro (assuming you have one) to watch an x-rated movie cos other teens are doing it?

    You are not obligated to answer anyways and bra, “no hard feelings also”.

    1. I would have kept quiet but for two points raised here:
      Please, glance through the book by Adichie. It is not erotica; a love story in the time of the Nigerian civil war. I cannot remember th pages but will get them for you where the word FUCK was used. The novel has explicit sex scenes and sexual references. There are others like FIFTY SHADES OF GREY but they vary. Some are porn; some are mainstream, serious literature. This statement comes from Achebe’s ARROW OF GOD: ‘Unless the penis dies young it will surely eat bearded meat.’ It is a proverb; an exhortation on the need for patience but you will agree with me, it is sexual.

      I am not in the literary business to sermonize or moralize. If I want to, might become a pastor or motivational speaker. I write to represent the world, warts and all. Nobody should legislate for others on what to write. It is just a step from becoming a literary Taliban.

      Finally, if I am not ready to build up my teenagers positively and safeguard them, then I have no right moralizing that others are corrupting them.

      Wish people saw the story for what it was. Wish we all read. Wish we realize that we are accountable to our God (as we perceive) and not to any man’s imperfect standards. Wish we see sex for the great thing it is.

      All the best. Keep in touch if you can.

      1. Your comment confused me a bit… who says one can’t write about sex??? Lord! Sex is what it is… the only problem I saw in this piece was the title not the content of the piece. The title sounded really vague and not put together. Will you tell someone hey go on NS and read “Fuck for fuel?” Fifty shades of gray was all sex but the title, come on, it had something in it…

        1. Titles are like meat, sister. Some like beef; some prefer pork. Even so-called bad titles have some appeal .

          Yeah, I would direct ANYONE to read FUCK FOR FUEL. It has a rather gritty ring and will excite some curiosity. Dirty thought will be aroused till when one gets close…

          Just that a commentator here felt I was into corrupting youth morals so I felt I had to set things straight.

          All the best, and on a personal note, I like your picture.

      2. In fulfillment of my earlier post, please go through pages 254 of HALF OF A YELLOW SUN (edition published by Farafina) and see the use of FUCK there twice. Go through pages 282, 335-336 for some real salacious stuff. And note, Adichie’s book was no porn or erotica.

  16. Like (@ufuomaotebele): said it was more about the title, not the content.
    You pointed out the proverb in Arrow of God which I have in my lib.
    The mention if penis doesnt sound suggestive. It was a proverb. Are you saying if I use the word breast in my poem, it makes the poem erotic?

    Like I asked if Chimamanda titled the book,”Half of a F…king yellow Sun”, Would the book have been published?

    I rest ma case on this subject.

  17. I can’t stop laughing at the last sentence: “Ogba’s bed broke that night!” Hahahaha
    Why won’t it break? Lol
    Nice one there @ezeakwukwo

  18. @ezeakwukwo We all read for different reasons. Literature is vast like an ocean as are its readers, I for one read it due to its forceful title. If it said fuel service as suggested I may not have been drawn in. Why? Thats how my mind works. To each his own. To me the story is completely plausible. In fact I found it to be a good flash piece.
    @praize I will try to take in your words cause you are absolutely correct
    Now on to the Literary Taliban an apt label I would say. This box that we are always placing others in when we are not even renowned editors or Seasoned international bestselling writers(yet)please we should be commenting on our personal opinions of the work and not dismembering it and its author as if we are Literary gods. No we dont have to sugarcoat our critiques but there is also no need to be a complete jackass weilding your opinions as if they are god. The Literary BOX you are trying to put him in shows that your art is boxed as well and could very well hinder your greatness, as someone else said you could learn to exhibit some tolerance @ugochuckwu

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