Friday The 13th (2)

When the car finally pulled up to the entrance to Camp Crystal Lake, Destiny instantly jumped up.

Finally she would be away from these jerks! She would find a nice, faraway cabin for herself so that she could relax and read her way into a more peaceful world.

Of course, she could do that anywhere. She had the tendency to space out sometimes.

Destiny could already tell that jumping into the beds of the nearest cabin was the first thing on the other four’s minds.

Derek and Eli could not keep their eyes off of Brianna and Lucy and they stretched their bodies and bent down into the trunk to retrieve their countless bags of belongings.

Destiny snorted in disgust; Lucy and Brianna knew all too well that Derek and Eli were watching them like hawks, and they wanted to make sure that every gaze added points to their horny meters.

Destiny didn’t bring that much however.

Only the things she found necessary to survive. That meant no makeup, videogames, movies, or MP3 players.

She did however bring healthcare, like shampoo and soap and conditioner.

The last thing Destiny liked to be was dirty, and even though she was in the middle of a dirty campsite, she liked to at least make an effort to stay clean.

Destiny looked up at the sky.

The blue was slowly turning from light blue to a darker shade.

It was starting to get dark.

She looked at her watch.

It was around eight.
Destiny knew they were supposed to be here a couple hours ago.

She had been the first to arrive to the meeting area – a grocery store parking lot as instructed to in the letter she received – exactly on time, only to wait several hours until the others arrived. Lucy and Brianna stormed out of their parents’ cars without even looking back for a goodbye.

Derek and Eli half-heartedly hugged their mothers’ goodbye.

Destiny could tell then and there that getting along with the four was NOT going to be very easy.

When her parents dropped her off, she at least tried to say goodbye, only to be shushed by her mother, who was trying to listen to her secretary over the built-in cell phone system in her car.

Destiny remembered that her parents seemed pretty eager for her to leave.

She didn’t understand why, but she was kind of glad that they were so happy.

It was a rare thing to see one of them happy, let alone the both of them at the same time.

Nevertheless, however, Destiny did feel pretty hurt when her mother didn’t even say goodbye.

She didn’t even stay to wait for the others to arrive.

She just drove away the minute Destiny’s flip-flops landed on the pavement.

Destiny could understand why her parents were so busy all the time.

They both had very demanding jobs. Destiny’s father was a lawyer and Destiny’s mother was a high-paying business woman.

What she actually did for a job, however, Destiny had no idea. Her parents never really told her anything.

They didn’t even stay around to eat dinner with her.
Destiny was usually alone, her food prepared by the cook they hired for her.

Destiny was never really alone, but she always felt that way.

Destiny was never alone because her house was full of butlers and maids, but most of them just left her alone.

She knew well enough not to befriend a worker.

She knew if she did, they would get fired from being distracted.
Destiny never told anyone that she was rich.

She knew that if she did, she would make a ton of friends.

However, they would like her just for her money, not for who she was.

Destiny was hoping that going to college would help her make friends, and she was itching for the summer to be over already, even though it had just started.

Destiny sighed as she watched Derek grab Lucy around the waist in a somewhat playful manner.

Destiny knew what it would all lead to anyway, so she decided to just leave them to their business. Destiny walked away from them and toward the last cabin she could see.

The woods leading off to the lake was close by, and Destiny hoped she could pack quickly enough to relax by the lake before the sun set completely.

The last thing Destiny wanted to do was run to her cabin in the dark.
She hated the dark.

Destiny stepped into her cabin and looked around.
It was tiny, with one medium-sized bed in the far corner, and a table and a few chairs in the middle.

There was a small dresser on the opposite side of the bed.

Destiny spotted an oil lamp sitting on the table, along with some matches.

Destiny’s eyes lit up.
She always wanted to use an oil lamp! What it was doing there was a mystery though.

Destiny placed her duffel bag on the bed and started to unpack.

She placed her clothes in the dresser and started to place her care products on the top.

Doing this made Destiny wonder. Where was she supposed to shower? The lake? Destiny quickly shook that idea out of her head.

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