Friday The 13th (1)

Destiny stared out the window, holding onto the duffel bag that
was packed to the brim with everything she would ever need for
a week alone. Of course, she wasn’t exactly alone, but she kind of
wished to be in this situation instead of being stuck with these
four people. The other four teenagers were talking animatedly to
one another, even though they had never once met before.
However, she knew the minute they were together, they would
get along pretty quickly. And she was right.
There were two girls and two boys. Made more sense than
anything at this point. Nothing made sense anymore anyway.
Destiny had just won a trip to Camp Crystal Lake that she didn’t
even enter. She didn’t even know what Camp Crystal Lake was,
but she was hoping that this would be an opportunity to meet
some new people and actually build some friendships. Destiny
had no friends where she came from, but that didn’t mean she
pushed everyone away. No one took the time to get to know
her. Destiny may have been shy, but she loved to talk to people,
especially when she was given the chance to make a friend. But
no matter how many times she tried to make friends, they all
failed one way or another. Nevertheless, Destiny never found a
reason to give in, and always managed to stay positive.
Anyway, both of the girls were definitely hitting an eleven on the
slut scale of one to ten. One was named Lucy, and was wearing
a spaghetti-strap shirt that easily showed her colorful, lacey bra,
and a pair of incredibly short jean shorts. The other girl was
named Brianna and was wearing a V-neck top that showed the
fake cleavage her parents gave her as a birthday present this
year, and a miniskirt that barely covered her legs and backside.
One of the boys was driving, and his name was Derek. He
wasn’t wearing a shirt, which exposed his toned body. Lucy and
Brianna didn’t seem to mind. The other boy was named Eli, and
he was wearing a muscle shirt, which hardly covered his
muscles either. All in all, Destiny was disgusted. Sure, it was
pretty hot out, but did they have to dress like they were getting
ready to air a nude scene in a porn movie?
Destiny sighed and shut her eyes. She just wanted to shut out
their annoying voices from her head. If only she had her MP3
player. She almost brought it along with her, but decided against
it. She didn’t want to bring any electronics with her when she
was out camping, except her cellphone, which she only brought
just in case of an emergency. There really wasn’t any other
reason for it; she had no one in her contacts anyway.
“Hey, you,” Destiny suddenly felt a nudge on her shoulder. She
looked up to see Brianna looking at her, with a rather smug look
on her face.
“What’s with you, huh? Don’t you talk?” the girl asked, tossing
her silky brown hair to the side. Destiny then noticed that both Eli
and Lucy were watching her as well. Destiny fought back a blush
that threatened to hit her face, and took a deep breath.
“Of course I talk, don’t be silly,” she said rather cheerfully, smiling
at Brianna. “I just haven’t thought of anything to say is all. I’m
kinda quiet, you see.” Brianna gave Destiny a weird look as Eli
and Lucy looked at each other and fought back laughter.
“Uh huh, right,” Brianna said, sounding uninterested. “Well, I got
something to ask you.” Destiny’s eyes lit up slightly. Finally, this
might be the opportunity to make a friend!
“What’s your favorite kind of Tequila?”
Destiny quickly froze and let the blush take her face over. This
was one of the things she couldn’t talk about. And for one simple
reason; she didn’t drink.
“I-I…w-well, I…”
“Oh, my God, don’t tell me you don’t drink!” Eli cried, slapping his
hand on his forehead in amazement. “You have GOT to be
kidding me!” Brianna’s perfect face broke into a smile and she
broke into laughter, Lucy following suit.
“Are you serious?” Lucy screamed, slinging an arm around
Brianna, who was wiping skin-colored tears off her face. “What a
fuckin’ prude! Now you’re gonna tell us you’ve never been laid!”
Destiny felt her face go redder. She knew this was something she
could NEVER talk about. Destiny didn’t believe in sex before
marriage. She was also not even close to having sex with
someone; she had never had a boyfriend before.
Brianna, Eli and Lucy all waited for her response, but when they
saw Destiny’s face just turn darker, they broke out into harder
levels of howling laughter, clutching onto each other for support.
Derek, who was now listening in on the conversation, was now
laughing his butt off as well, smacking his fist on the horn.
“You ARE a prude! Holy shit, I never knew they existed until
now!” Eli roared, gripping the car seat for support.
“That is SO pathetic!” Lucy cried. “And here I thought you were,
like, carsick or something! You’re just a freak! A fucking NERD!”
This caused the foursome to roar with laughter, and for tears to
sting Destiny’s eyes. Destiny turned away from them and stared
out the window as they laughed at her, knowing she wouldn’t
get anywhere with them. They wouldn’t understand. They know
what it’s like to get drunk. They know what it’s like to have sex.
Destiny hated them. She didn’t understand how doing those
things made their lives any better. All it did was turn them into
impure, pompous jerks who felt drunk with power.
Destiny felt more humiliated then she ever had in her entire life.
She had never taken this kind of abuse before. Usually people just
ignored her, but this was taking it too far. Actually making fun of
her for not liking the things they liked was utterly revolting. Just
because she was a helpless romantic who wanted to hold off on
giving away her virginity until she KNEW she was utterly in love
with someone didn’t mean what she was a prude. If only other
people actually gave her a chance. If only they tried to get to
know her, to know that things are hard at home and the only
thing keeping her alive were the countless books she bought at
the bookstore. If only they knew that she was too shy to
approach men. Then they’d understand. Then they would treat
her like an actual person. Then they would learn to love her for
who she was. But instead, they looked at her as a quiet, prudish
bookworm who was untouched and nerdy.
And she didn’t want it any other way for now. She would rather
be called these names for now then to try and become someone
she didn’t want to be.
Destiny wiped a tear from her eye and gripped her bag tightly.
She prayed they were almost there.

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