The Exes 4/5


Gibberish Gibberish Dash!

Those were the blank thoughts I was having as I looked expressionlessly from face to face wondering why in hell I agreed to this damned meeting. This is stupid! I wanted to yell but of course you could never tell from my face. If you didn’t know me, you would think I was a serial killer. I had that kind of face; cold, distant, stolid and completely unreadable. You would think I don’t cry or yell or mourn…that perhaps all I do is brood and plot the destruction of the whole world. I’d been mistaken several times for a player, punk, a crap-ass nigga but I was none of that. I’d simply been taught or rather brought up to… sulk it up!.

“Life’s full of shit, Hen” Dad said as he pulled me up after I fell off my bike when I was eleven and was wailing like a nuisance because there was a tiny bruise on my left knee.

“Now and then you are going to fall and bruise yourself but crying or wailing or sulking wouldn’t undo what has happened. So my dear boy, stop crying and put on a brave face. Don’t let people see that you’re hurt”

And I did. I even became an expert until the night Sharon decided I was no longer good enough for her.

“I don’t understand” I muttered, pacing her hostel room like some deranged lunatic. Sharon stood at a corner of the room, her hands folded on her chest, lips parted in a smirk.

“What’s there not to understand H?’ she asked spitefully.

“It’s over…over!..or do you need me to spell it out for you? O..V…E…” she continued

“Shut the fuck up!” I retorted angrily. “And that gave you the right to sleep with my friend? My best friend Shee?” I yelled tears welling up in my eyes.

“It was just an experiment didn’t mean anything” She explained harshly..”what’s even your own sef?”

“An experiment” I laughed exasperated.

“Yes an experiment. I needed to find out some things for myself” She explained and I could almost see the sincerity in her eyes and I wanted to strangle her…Who the hell does she think she is?

“You are a shameless whore Sharon” I asserted trying to keep my voice low but failing miserably.

“Thank you very much Henry. You on the other hand are nothing but a cold blooded sucking demon” Sharon asserted and the insults just kept exchanging hands. It was really over by the time we were done and I stomped out. However, for some stupid reason, Quinn seemed hell bent on making us friends again; like hell that was ever going to happen. She kept insisting that because I couldn’t be a friend to the two time slut, meant I still cared for her. Yeah right. But maybe I still did but only to have the opportunity to put my fingers round her neck and strangle her.

“It’s so lovely to see you again Sharon” I heard Q’ s voice say over the high music volume blasting from other end of the bar.

“Likewise” Sharon answered her voice as high pitched as Quinn’s. They were both straining their ears to hear and I couldn’t believe that these two were once best friends. Quinn was nothing like Sharon and that truly was baffling.  Even though I had felt the attraction there and then when I first met her, I thought she wouldn’t be any different from the two time whore I was dating and I had conveniently kept my distant. Sharon was enough trouble as it were, I didn’t need more. While Sharon was loud, proud and bossy, My Q was totally the opposite. Not that she didn’t have a mind of her own-otherwise, how come we were all here?- she just had a smoothen way of going about it. Quinn was gentle, loving, everything that Sharon wasn’t and there were days like this that I wished I had met her first.

“So you guys are like married now?” Sharon was now asking and I knew this was the moment for a perfect humiliation. My mum used to say that the best way to fool those that thought they had you fooled was to show them that wisdom was profitable and by doing that was to learn from your own mistakes…and be content. Oh believe me I have learnt and I am super content. I glanced at Q and I noticed the laughter in her eyes as she explained that we weren’t married and suddenly, I started to wish we were. I didn’t even know when I began to mutter words like “Soon though”. I saw as Q’s face and even Sharon’s had scowled in confusion and I decided to shift the conversation.

Odion hadn’t said a word since he arrived with Sharon in his arms. The audacity. He had been staring at the empty wine bottle I ordered like an hour ago and had only been stealing glances. I’m sure he didn’t think I knew…yeye!

“And you guys?” I asked as I couldn’t wait to see the humiliation on his face. Raise your head you motherfucker!

“Ehemmm” He muttered and I almost laughed.

“We will be getting married in a few months, October to be precise” Sharon quickly chipped in and I turned briskly at her. At first I wasn’t quite sure what to say. Congratulations? Really? I could care less whether they both decide to wed their asses or have the wedding ceremony on the sun but for Q’s sake, I gave them my congratulations and watched Ij do the same with all sincerity. Hmmm I thought…maybe I’m wrong. I decided.

There was always the part of me that thought perhaps Q agreed to be friends again with Odion because she still loved him. I mean what other possible reason could there be for anyone to remain friends with their exes?

When she had first brought up the idea for the hangout at Armageddon,I had thought she was joking but when she kept persisting, almost driving me nuts, I knew I also needed to know if she  still had feelings for Odion, otherwise what was the point of all this? Wasn’t this just some desperate attempt for her to see him again? And I also had my suspicions about Odion trying to use the so called friendship he had somehow founded with her to worm his way back into her life and that was never going to happen…not when I was still alive.

“So how did you guys meet?” Quinn asked and in some way, it sounded kind like a silly question because we all knew each other before but I knew she meant how they became lovers and my curious Bluetooth power came on.

“You know we met at Sharon’s twentieth birthday bash before she travelled out of the country?” Odion was asking, narrating how he met and fell in love with Sharon and I shifted closer so I could hear more. Perhaps there was something I missed.

Quinn nodded as she listened attentively while I tried to recall that day. It had been a Saturday five years ago. My dad was undergoing a surgery at the time so I couldn’t make it for Sharon’s party. We were still dating then or at least I thought we were.  I had sent an apology text earlier to Sharon and promised to make it up to her. Fortunately, the surgery ended much sooner than we had expected and I drove my dad home. After making sure he was comfortable and had all that he needed to rest, I drove over to Sharon’s hostel after the party had ended only to find her on top of Odion.

“So you know she and Henry were no longer together at the time and she was looking so beautiful. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, Q. I know I was still with you but I have to admit; she was looking like a goddess” Odion explained. Q laughed and I sat flabbergasted.

“So I asked her for a dance. I know she was your friend dear and honestly, it was just a harmless dance at the time” Odion explained and Quinn nodded and I couldn’t stop my jaw from falling apart.

“So after that night and things ended between us, i decided to ask her out. It was going to be a long distant relationship but I didn’t mind. I knew she would eventually return home and here she is” Odion grinned at Sharon and she grinned back. Quinn was smiling sheepishly, applauding the cock and bull story and then, it hit me. Odion had skipped one detail, one tiny crucial detail of that night.

….Oh my God! I thought, astounded, Q doesn’t know!

to be continued

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  1. She doesn’t know that her ex boyfriend banged her ex best friend, hehehe while they still together.
    Henry do us a favour and let the cat out of the bag.

    1. lolx..i’m glad you are enjoying the story

  2. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Distance not distant.
    Suck it up not sulk it up.

    1. thanks nalongo…….its unedited…really appreciate the corrections

  3. Very easy to read, especially on a slow Saturday like this! Good job hon.

    1. lolx…thanks darling

  4. This is serious…
    They should just let the sleeping dog lie.

    1. lolx. i tire o… kindly look out for the next and final episode.thanks so much for reading

  5. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    “She had a smoothen way of going about it ”
    Should be either :’smoother way’ or ‘smooth way of going about it.’
    You should have probably said ‘not while I’m still alive’

    Good so far can’t wait for the end looking forward to it.

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