Danger On The Road

Danger On The Road

The creak and the groan
like merging bodies on a bad bed
it moves slowly
slower than a tortoise
failure of the ejaculation drive

The hiss and the shrill
almost mistaken for fart from a sedentary body
the rude remark at a quiet plea
the dare devil stunt
followed by a callous laugh
at another’s expense

Just in a blink
just at the tick
the crate and the crater
like humpty dumpty
came falling down
the trailer and its container

The stare
the horror
splatter of blood
and pieces of flesh
ewooo cries of dismay
as phones in ecstasy click

Deafening screams rend the air
the culprit on fire
as the mob cheer on
the man with the wicked laugh
in shouts of pain
death by a mistake that shouldn’t be.

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