The Cult

The Cult

The Cult

This is a brutal cult,
They strike without no cause.
This is an all-out war;
It’ll rip apart our world.

Look at all these cowards;
They’re scared to move forward.
They shiver at the sight of the gun,
To them, to die is no fun.

I’ll die a thousand deaths,
And undergo a cessation of breath.
I’ll split my heart into two,
Before I bow to you.

This war, it has no end,
For I’ll not bow or bend.
This cult may have won in the past,
But I swear, I’ll surely laugh last.

James Ogunjimi

4 thoughts on “The Cult” by James Ogunjimi (@Hullerj)

  1. Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

    I wish you had gone much much deeper with it.

  2. emsteves (@Emsteves)

    Great!! but didn’t really get the point.

  3. pierre7154 (@Pierre@7154)

    for I see in this no visible end
    instead I see a friend willing to bend
    for the art is but detailedless
    and my heart is in search for its betterness

  4. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Ok I like it BUT I cant tell if your narrator is a victim of the Cults bad behaviours or if hes in a rival Cult… Just try to relay that to us better.

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