There was a Country

There was a Country

there was a country,
she had trees
with pale leaves
refusing to be watered,
yet she stood by the river bank.

there was a country
with overgrown bushes
and an unhealthy zeal
to remain bushy.
I rest my energy.

there was a country
with apparels of royalty
but refusing to be adorned
with the apparel of growth also.
walahi, I tire

there was a country,
she was a beauty to behold
but an eyesore within.
Who could have sworn?
None ever will.

there was a country
filled with the stench of hate
wrapped in the fold of the past,
sighting freedom
but chooses to be caged.

there was a country
she had hope,
she had love
but she chose none,
let her be as she pleases.

there was a country
birthed in the minds of the hungered.
She never saw the light of dawn,
for she was never born
alas, I wished she was.

there was a country.
there was a country.

14 thoughts on “There was a Country” by Maureen Alikor (@Wailingink)

  1. And there we stood I thoughts
    of a country yet to be alive

    1. Amazing dreams, thanks for contributing and for reading.

  2. And there was a country… Iono, this poem inspired a vague sense of patriotism in me, iono why, but nice one @Wailingink . I like.

    1. Scribe, thank you for reading. I appreciate. we are all patriots.

  3. @wailingink. It’s funny that we die of thirst, when we swim in the ocean. This pictured that. Well done, Maureen

    1. Wisdom, it is really funny. I am confident that soon,things shall get better. Thank you for reading.

  4. Now this is deep.

    1. Musite, thank you for reading, how deep?

  5. Didn’t feel it.
    Visit DNB Stories

    1. Daniel, I don’t get you. What or where is DNB stories?

    1. Majiri, thank you.

  6. Great one

    There is change now and we’ll get to that country of our dreams

    Nice one @wailingink

  7. @Chimee221, thank you for reading. Though the piece has a political undertone, it is not a political poem.

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