Blunt Edges!

Blunt Edges!

You see that boy
the kid with bloated belly
With no friggin’ toy
Only tears that roll daily
The kid with the pale face
Not a coat of fine lace
Clamouring for a lively life
A calm in this strangling strife
Papa keeps a cold steel knife
Beneath the grim sheet
Of his shit-drunk pillow
Mother sings in agony
Sad lyrics with no harmony
But the reflexive quivering
Of a long lost court maid
Yet not a ear listens
Who sits with low citizens?
Or hear the laments of denizens
When Uptown clubs sound high-life
And bars still serve tequila shots
Who cares ’bout children in shorts?
No, not him
Not that man in Denim
Nor the chief with the agbada
That slap asses with bundled cash
Whores alone may know his stash
He spits at beggars
And bribe traffic wardens
Cruising around in a Toyota jeep
We want to be rich
Ride to parties at the beach
Live in glasshouses
the central bank within reach
So we go to school
We go to learn, learn to be rich
That our starving pockets
With time should come to bulge
But still we suffer
The rich culture wealth
While the poor pay taxes
And to God offer libations
You see that boy
The kid with bloated belly
With no friggin’ toy

12 thoughts on “Blunt Edges!” by adeosun adams (@Mezzyadamz)

  1. #Blunt edges
    #real sh#t
    This was tyte Adeosun.

  2. This world is turn in two
    and I am glad you see it too
    if only nature will strike a change
    may be then equal will be the range

  3. Yea! The faults are visible except we are gonna keep our eyes shut. Thanks for stopping by

  4. Nice rhymes, poet.

  5. Smiles….Thanks, thanks!

  6. I especially loved how this was written.
    Good work. You can only get better from here…
    You see that child, Lord help him.

  7. @Mezzyadamz. True talk bro, if only the rich will really help the poor the world will be a better place for all.

  8. being poor is not just the fault of the rich but may God help both the poor and the rich. nice piece bro

  9. I love this piece I am visualizing everything youre portraying.
    @easylife32 very true. I feel if the rich helped EVERYONE they may very well end up poor as well, I’ve seen it before. We make it a habit to bastardize and villanize the rich but not every situation benefits from blaming a particular person or persons… We just have to find a solution. But definitely God help us all

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