The whole congregation waits in anticipation

Sister Blessing will soon mount the podium

She will render the special dedication

Her voice intoxicates them like the opium


Oh, sister Blessing

She is just like watching the angels sing

Oh, what a Blessing

There is none other like her our eyes have seen


The Church microphone feels no other hand

The speakers convey no other voice

The podium feels no other dance steps

Except our own sister Blessing’s


No other sister will love to try

Because they will never be good enough

Once sister Blessing is ready to drag

They will be left without a scent of pride


She murders their character

She destroys their self-esteem

She cares not what happens after

She must remain the only fish in the stream


Even with their over bloated anointing

The pastors have refused to see

Even with their vague holy life

The deacons have refused to notice


Blood cries from the altar

From the podium where sister Blessing loves to sing

Dead ambitions, assassinated characters

All scream with their talents in her grip


All hail Sister Blessing

The Angel is ready to sing

But blood cries from the altar

And yet, no one has listen


*this is the official poem to my incoming short story, “Blood on the altar”. a story inspired by the fake holy lives of most female choir members.

they do everything to stay on the podium; they act like a saint, but their characters behind the scene will make the devil look like a leaner.

yet, they are the pastors pet, and the elder’s apple. they are the congregation’s heartbeat, and no one bothered really to know them.



12 thoughts on “there is BLOOD ON THE ALTAR” by KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

  1. We have lot of Blessings in churches today. It takes the power of the Holy Spirit to expose them.


  2. KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)


    that is even if the pastor is in the right spirit

  3. that’s why they say- follow the words but not the actions

  4. KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

    @danjuma, thank you.

    SIA…that what I dnt live listening to…why shld u preach what u cannot practise?

  5. The fake holy lives of MOST female choir members
    I enjoyed the poem
    and only beg for the spirit to work his way through al churches

  6. KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

    Thank @pierre

  7. KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

    @majiri et all, thanks for the comments and compliments

  8. The problem is that our pastors are no longer out to raise evangelists and disciples that will carry the fire on. Their main mission now is to raise millionaires, fatten church account, increase membership strenght, drive porsche cars and live good life not minding whose ox is gored. So any method could be employed and all consequences damned as long as all the above goals are achieved. Whether the sister is a regular abortionist is not d issue as long as “Samson has not cut his hair and the strenght is still there, the philistines would always be destroyed. Good job.

  9. @acmesuccess007 I’m finally back to reading on NS, Love it though I’m in the choir myself I do not take offense lol. I’m there to sing unto the Lord Thank God I’m no sister blessing lol

    1. KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

      my friend… longest time..
      u are welcome

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