2-4 zone: EXOTIC RICE

(Not for readers below 18, please).

”Now?” he whispered.


She nodded, her eyes closed by passion. Wordlessly, he stared at the buxom, gloriously big-breasted, long-haired, jet-black beauty in front of him. This was a time for only one language.


He knelt below her stomach, encircled her waist and pulled her close till her lower region was close to his mouth. ┬áThe sounds that filled his ears were a cross between human groans, cat’s meows and birdsong as he licked, sucked and nibbled every strand of the express road. It was like eating a plate of exotic rice spiced with ofe Owerri.


She started shaking. Gradually; gradually; building up like a rising storm. He could not stop her. ”Am…am…” In a flash he was up. He caught the falling woman and carried her to the bed. She was in erotic nirvana as her eyes opened to the masculine hulk hovering over her. Her eyes rested on his quivering super piece of iroko jutting before her. Their eyes locked briefly; then her sinfully sweet mouth wrapped itself around it and the world exploded in his head. His body began to throb. He was about to fall off the mountaintop.




The bomb detonated in her mouth. A beatific smile lit up her face as the shrapnel covered her mouth, nose and eyes. He collapsed on top of her. She wrapped her arms around him and their bodies mingled in pleasurable silence.


”First blowjob of my life and so beautiful,” he whispered. ”With the woman I love.”


She smiled and hugged him tightly.


13 thoughts on “2-4 zone: EXOTIC RICE” by henry c.onyema (@ezeakwukwo)

  1. Diariz God o!!

  2. Do something new in my life… something new in my life… something new in my life…. oh lord.

    I had to go back and check who the writer was because @vickart once threatened to write an exotic piece .

    Like my fellow readers have said, it is well.

  3. Just laughing at the comments.. #strollingby

  4. Even as you specified not for pple younger than 18…that would interest them more Lol

    1. You have a point.

  5. Hmmmmmmmmmm!!

    1. Yes, a big hmmmmm.

  6. Hmmmm. Erotica on NaijaStories. Issokay.

  7. I’m barely 18 but I still read it. Nice.

  8. Hmmmm well told

  9. @ezeakwukwo is this a quickie?

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