Tales Of Mabel 2 (The Revelation)

“She is coming around”, the nurse said. The doctor came, made some observations. “She is stable now”.
Relief washed over everyone in the room, most especially Idoroyin. She tried to decipher what could have made her mum lose consciousness. Now she could resume that exercise, now that her mum was out of danger,atleast, according to the doctor’s words.
“She needs to rest, please you all have to leave”, the doctor said. They all left, though reluctantly.

Mrs May woke up some hours later.She tried to observe her surrounding. Gradually she was coming in terms with her new found environment, though her vision was blurred. Few seconds later, she realized she was in a hospital. “Really, a hospital. What am I doing here?”, she asked, hoping to get an answer from someone.
She tried moving, but she couldn’t. She still felt groggy. Everything around her was spinning. She laid back her body and closed her eyes. She tried to relax herself. And that decision did her a whole lot of good, because she started to recall the last events that took place before she voyaged into the stillness of the dark. The image of Blake kept staring at her; daring her to do her worse.
“Why? Why? Why now?”, she asked.
She wailed and weeped silently in her heart, not for herselg, but for her daughter. She knew that alot will change in her life and she might find it hard to go along with it.
“I would have aborted the child ; may be that would have been better”, her thoughts spoke to her.
” She has been your source of hope; is that not why you named her “IDOROYIN”, which means “Hope”, a silent still voice told her.
She closed her eyes and weeped silently. So much tears of the heart and then she drifred off into a slumber.

“It was pitch black and she was oblivious of where she was. The darkness made sure of that. Like a mole, she used the wall as a guide as she tried to find her way round the vicinity she now found herself. As she moved, she suddenly saw the rays of light, coming from somewhere. She traced it, from what she later saw, it seemed as if it was coming from a space under a under a door. She found the door knob and the door obediently opened. The light that hit her eyes was so bright that she thought she had gone blind. She shut her eyes tight and she used her arms as a shade. Gradually, she tried to open her eyes. And she was glad for the light, though it took her sometime for her retina to adjust itself to it. She found herself in an empty room. In the middle of the room she saw someone sitting on a chair. She noticed that the persons hands were tied, from the position of the person’s hands and the person was blindfolded. Abruptly Blake and his son appeared. She tried to unravel where they came from, but she failed. She tried to find if there was another door, some where apart from the one she came through ; but she found none.
“What are you both doing here?”, she asked. Father and son remained silent. The person on the seat suddenly moaned.She tried to move, but she was immobile. And, she noticed that she was shackled; both hands and feets. There was a roar and the whole room began to rumble. It was as if the earth wanted to cave in. Without warning, some parts of the room started to cave in. The two other occupants in the room just stood there and watched. Apparently they were not moved by the recent happenings.
“Please help me”, she cried out.
She struggled to see if she could un-chain herself. It was all a vain effort.
The person in the seat moved and made a sound, though it was muffled.
“Please, help him, don’t just watch, do something”, she yelled.
“You can’t save her except you tell her the truth”, father and son spoke in unison and they spoke with a drawl, as if they were zombies.
Suddenly, it dawned on her, that it was her daughter.
“Hope, it that you?”, she asked.
What she heard where muffled sounds.
“Blake, I will kill you if anything happens to my daughter. I wi……..”, she stopped and watched as everywhere around her was caving in. Suddenly, Blake fell into the ground, followed by his son.She was suspendedin the air, thanks to the chains on her feet and hands. A small amount of earth was still keeping her daughter from falling into the pit. Suddenly, she stood up. How she untied herself, May, had no idea. She pulled off the mouth and the what was used to gag her. Her eyes were filled with tears.
“Don’t cry my daughter, mummy..”, she was stopped in mid sentence, as Ido jumped into the pit.
“No..oooooooooo” ,she screamed.
“Its okay, its okay” someone was saying.
Then she stopped and realised she was still in the hospital.
“Mum, its alright.You were just having a nightmare”.
She saw faces staring at her, concern written on them. She held her daughter’s face in her hands, as if trying to acertain if it was her. Satisfied that it was her, she hugged her as if that was the last time she would be seeing her.
“You were just dreaming, you were having a nightmare”, Ido consoled her
“Yeah, I was”, she conceded.
Realizing that she was in no danger, the doctor and the nurses left, leaving both mother and daughter alone.
There was this awkward silence that silenced the room. Idoroyin had questions, but she didn’t know if to ask now or wait a while. Mrs. May, wanted to tell her something that would rock her life forever, but she didn’t know how to start.
“Mum”, “Ido”, they spoke at the same time.
“You can speak, Ido”
“What happened. You went numb when you saw Mr Blake?”.
She sighed, “Its been twenty five years since I saw him”
“Tell me mum. What happened?”
She told her what happened years back.
Ido was filled with tears.
“Why didn’t you tell Bayo?”
“He was in the far north for his Youth service and I didn’t want to tell him on phone”
Ido sniffed and she cleaned wipped her eyes.
May continued, “Unknown to me Blake had told him but he gave him a different version of the story.
“How did you find out?”, Ido asked.
” A month later, I got a message from him. Blake told him that I forced myself on him.
All means to communicate with him proved abortive. I was scared of travelling that far to the north to see him. Besides, I was skeptical of how he would react”.
She started to sob. ” That’s why you can’t marry his son”.
Ido sighed, “Mum, I love him and the fact his father did what he did, shouldn’t affect our relationship”, she said pleadingly
“I am not going back on my words. You can’t marry him. I am sorry”. She said it with finality.
“You really have to give me a stronger reason”, Ido said defiantly.
The door opened and Blake came in along with his son. Mabel stared hard at him. Hatred in her eyes.
“Haven’t you hurt me enough? Now you want to extend it to my daughter. I promise you that as long as I live you won’t succeed. Your son won’t marry my daughter”. She concluded tiredly.
“May, I have lived the last few years with regrets and no peace of mind. I didn’t know how to get in touch with you. Bayo………hmmmmm, ended our friendship.
“For all I care, you can go to hell and burn to blazes”. May spat out.
“I deserve more than what you’re giving to me now. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me”
He knelt down, ” So that my soul can be at peace”.
Ido looked at him and she was filled with pity.
The son spoke, “All he has said is true. He tried to locate you”
“May,looked at him with sympathy.
“When did he tell you?”, she asked.
“Three years ago before I met your daughter. I hated him. I left the house and I didn’t speak to him for weeks. But I had a rethink when my friend’s dad died. He told me that he refued to forgive his dad when he was alive.Now he is dead.He lives with that regret now”, he wiped his eyes with the back of his hands.And
Ido went to his side and consoled him.
He continued, “Regrets puts us in a cage of solitude”.
“May, closed her eyes and hated what he said, because he was saying the truth. Her faith in christ, believes forgiveness is part of your obligation to God as a salt of the earth.
She sat upright and looked hard into Blake’s eyes and she saw pain and regrets.
The three words came out of her mouth solemnly, “You are forgiven”. A smile creased her face.
“But my son can’t marry my daughter”, she reiterated.
“I thought we had gone passed that mum”, Ido queried.
“Am sorry Ido but some day, you will thank me for it”.
She was about to talk when she covered her mouth with her hands as if she was preventing something from coming out. She ran out and everyone stared after her.
She returned some moments later. May, looked at her. “What is wrong with you”?
“Nothing mum”, she answered.
Frank came to her as if trying to give her strenght, “Why don’t you tell her”?
Ido looked at him and her shoulders dropped. Blake already knew.
“I am sorry you have to find out now and in this manner. I am pregnant”.
It hit her harder than a punch from klitchko’s fist. Her world started to crash. She wished that the world could just end here and now. This wasn’t fiction. It was for real and she did not want to believe it. She started to cry. “Am sorry mum. I know it’s against your belief as a christian but…… “Shut up”, she was cut short by her mum.
“Its not about that.You have to abort that child Idoroyin, because, the man standing over there”, she pointed towards Blake, ” Is your father”. She was crying now. “And that makes frank your brother”.
Blake looked at May and she said,
“Its true she is your daughter or have you forgotten that you didn’t use any form of protection”. The words sounded accusatory.
Ido was crying. Frank couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
“Now you know why I said you couldn’t marry him”
“But you said my father was dead?”, Ido, asked in between tears
“To me he was and I believed I was never going to set eyes on him again. How wrong was I. How unjust fate is” , she sighed.
The door was closed. The atmosphere in the room appeared as if someone had just died.
“I can’t take this anymore”, Ido said and stormed out of the ward in her miserable state. How things were going to turn out was in the hands of fate. Some minutes later Frank went after her.When he he got outside, he saw a crowd. Something told him that something had happened to Ido.
“Eya! what was she thinking about?”, a man said to his companion as they were leaving the scene and coming towards Frank.
“Too bad. She was so deep in thoughts that she was oblivious of the uncoming vehicle”. The other said.
He was filled with dread as he approached the scene. There, by the road side was, Idoroyin’s lifeless body. Her soul gone with the wind.

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  1. louis (@luwizdrizzy)

    I can’t really say much,this is a real tragedy…

  2. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    @thaprince this was a very nice plot. I can say I enjoyed the story line.
    But Honestly, it was pretty difficult grasping total understanding of what was happening because of the punctuation errors. I had to read some sentences two to three times to understand what you wrote.
    And sometimes I wasn’t sure you were talking about Mrs May or her daughter, Idoroyin. You used the pronoun ‘she’ a lot and that was a little confusing.
    Some of the spellings were wrong, and I believe it was because you didn’t proofread the work properly.
    These are just a few of the issues I had with it, but all the same, it was a beautiful story line.
    And I felt bad for Idoroyin.

  3. It’s a nice story. Jst take d corrections and keep flying…

  4. this is a good story but its like you wrote it in a rush, just try and take the corrections……keep it up !!!

    1. Corrections noted. Thanks for reading.

  5. Very good story line. You should work on your grammar. Keep writing

    1. I find it hard, editing my works sometimes.
      Thanks for the correction and also for reading.

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