Slithering through the pathway to the dorm was a deadly cobra rumoured to attack any unsuspecting student every fortnight, it glided it’s way to the block for the year two Junior secondary students.
Suddenly a light at the farthest corner came on and then went off, it turned in the direction of the light, paused, before making a beeline for it, it was the rest-room….
Meanwhile micheal a fair complexioned chubby kid, whose parent had just refilled his already diminishing provision that afternoon with an extra helping of home-made zobo had been on a peeing spree.
He awoke for the umpteenth time, sat on his bunk swearing this was going to be his last trip to the loo. he blindly fumbled for his torch amidst shuffling his feet for his slippers and made for the rest-room…
On his way to the loo he pondered on the serenity of the environment tonight which was alive during yester night camp activities. he passed the block’s night guard on duty as he lay sleeping on a bench, he actually was snoring on duty.’night guard my foot, the guard need be guarded’ he amused himself.
Involuntarily he let out a few droplets of urine before remembering he was a boy on a mission…A mission to pee.
He half walked and half ran, reaching his destination he saw on the concrete floor what looked like a pole lying in a grostheque manner he was in such a hurry to relieve himself that he failed to analyse exactly what it was that laid there. he stepped on it got into the lavatory and started relieving himself unaware of the danger within.
The serpent furiously hissing in anger, its venom already seeping from it’s fangs. something had just stepped on its belly, the hiss turning into growl. it turned in the direction of the lavatory facing it in a defensive posture, it’s hood extended. It prepared to venomise whatsoever it was….
‘Nothing is as sweet as a young urn whose just relieved himself’ he thought while opening the door. as he made to leave he shone his torch on the door way then he saw..
He tried to scream he couldn’t, he went mute, rooted on the spot, he swallowed what felt like a bile in his throat.
Swiftly the cobra dived to strike, he found his voice and SCREAMED!!!….

9 thoughts on “Scream” by capricorn (@chijioke)

  1. * Punctuation issues–some sentences were unnecessarily too long.
    * Proper nouns start with a capital letter e.g Michael.
    * The first letter of the first word in a new sentence ought to start with a capital letter too.

    1. thanks a lot for the corrections sir….

  2. take care while editing next time. I saw a few errors but it’s a good start. Rather descriptive

    1. thanks ivie9ja, i’ll improve

  3. Intriguing!
    Ellipses (…) was commonly written as ….

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