Pentagon Of Sisters 9

Lisa led Stephanie to her room, she felt sorry for her, She just couldn’t imagine what Mariah did.

“please calm down” She said leading her sister to her bed “stop crying”
“I cant stop crying, how could she do that to me, she’s a devil” she burst into another round of tears

“you are right about the devil part” Crystal said , entering the room “Shes a devil in human form”
“Im sure she used her wiles on Tunde because he’s such a gentleman”
“Lisa, one thing you should know is that all men are the same, no matter how gentle they look” Crystal said, she went to hold Stephanie’s hand “I’m sorry”

Stephanie burst into tears again, she hugged her sister “I love him, how can he be so stupid’
“like I said earlier, all men are the same” Crystal said,
“I’ll be right back’ Lisa whispered to crystal and left the room

‘please, Can I ask a favour from you ‘ Steph said sniffing her nose
“can I go to Turkey with you”
“oh dear, where did that come from” She sound surprised
“I just need to leave this place for a while and settle my head, I might do what I might regret if I stay”

“Running away from all your troubles won’t solve anything, its like you are delaying the inevitable’
‘I don’t care, I just want to die’ She hugged her sister again.

Crystal felt sorry for her but she can’t allow her to travel with her, She’s going for business and if at all it didn’t go well, she wants to go down alone, she can’t bear to involve her sister.

‘you will be fine, I promise’ .

Lisa came back to the room ‘ Mother nature just gave me a call and my pants are so red right now, I thought I had some tampons but as usual, I forgot to replace the ones I used’

She went towards Stephanie’s drawer, She brought out a pad and she looked confused

‘Did you replace your pads” She asked
“No, why” still sobbing ‘ everything is still there’
“you buy your pads once in a year, one for each month, so u ought to have six pads but I can count eight pads’
‘What are you trying to say’ Crystal asked
‘if you didn’t replace them, then you didn’t see your period’
“OH MY GOD” Stephanie screamed.

Crystal stood up “I’ll be right back” She rushed out of the room to her own room, she opened her drawer and searched for the pregnancy test kit, she keeps there for emergency purpose. She saw it in a corner of the drawer, took it and ran back to Stephanie’s room.

“Go into the toilet and pee to a cup” She shouted at her sister. They all waited while Stephanie peed, she collected the cup from her and inserted the strip

“Its positive” She brought out the strip and gave it to Lisa
“OH GOD” Screamed Stephanie
Mariah was crying in her room, she knows she has done the unthinkable, She desperately needed to talk to somebody so she picked up her phone and dialed a number.

“Hello” A male voice answered.
“Paul, please I need to speak to Amanda”
“Mariah, is that you, where have you being all these months, no call or message from you, not even a post card” The voice answered again

“Paul, I will explain everything later, just put the phone through to Amanda”
“well, she’s not here”
“Where is she then”
“She travelled down to Nigeria two days ago, to look for you, am sure you will see her soon”
“OH NO” Mariah screamed, fear gripped her heart.
Grace just got back from a friends wedding party, She was so tired that she just sat down on a couch in the living room. Lisa entered and saw her on the couch.

“Mom, I have something to tell you” She said in a rush, Just then the doorbell rang.

“Come in” Grace shouted

Just then a white woman entered , carrying a little boy

“Is this The Bensons residence” She asked.

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  1. Horlhart (@Olarinoye54)

    what now o cos its all getting twisted…
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    1. stephanie (@stephethel)

      @olarinoye54 …ghen then, lolz, thanks for reading

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    Each person with their own set of problems.

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    Wow I wonder if that is Mariah child with the white lady. I lIke this series. Your tenses and grammar have improved immensely though it’s still not at its best but you still have to use caps in between the “Quotation marks” . Please keep writing :-)

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      @ivie9ja, your comments rly helped me a lot, am really learning from u and am also a fan of ur work….thanks for reading !!!

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    Stephanie is pregnant, Mariah has a son, hmmmmm, interesting.

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      @Rakeeyah, thank you for following this story, you really encourage me to write more knowing someone like you would read it….Thanks so much!!!

  5. These girls sef and dem wahala.
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    You started some sentences with lower case letter.
    Just try to edit more before publishing.

  6. Still holding it. Keep going.

  7. I love the ending part…. plus your use of tenses have improved…keep improving..

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