Pentagon Of Sisters 6

Rose and Ella were walking down the garden at their compound. The two looked so different yet alike.
“I think you should talk to your mum or one of your sisters” Said Ella.
Rose sighed, “ They won’t understand how I feel, Ella, am gonna look like an outcast”
“you don’t know that, Rose, I think its high time you start to think about your sisters in a good way”

Rose looked at her best friend, she knew she meant well but she is not about to jeopardise her relationship with Ella.

“you don’t understand at all, please don’t let us talk about it again”
“Okay, if you say so, I have something I want to show you”
She opened her bag brought out a piece of paper and gave it to Rose.
“What’s that” Rose asked
“Come on, open it” replied her friend.

She opened it and read through the paper
“The Rocky Horror Show, Are you kidding me” screamed Rose
“This is a great opportunity for you Rose, you want to be an actress, This is it, you know this broadway show are held abroad but they brought it to Nigeria”
“ I don’t care wherever it holds, I want to be an actress, not to sing broadway”
“I know, but you will get to act especially if you play the lead role, and if other opportunity comes you will be picked”
“You think so” Rose said quietly.
“I believe so, my darling Rose, trust me on this one”

Rose kept quiet, She gazed into the sky as if something was written in it.
“You know, I don’t have a good voice” She said
“You have a good voice but if you scared I can tell Stephanie to help you through the audition, She will be like a Back up singer for you”
Rose looked worried “okay, I will do it”
Ella smiled at her friend. “You will be fine, I promise”, “ She held her hand “Everything will be alright”
The two hugged each other.
Mariah was working on her Laptop at the Balcony when she spotted Tunde’s car. She knew he came to drop off Stephanie because the two of them had being dating for a while now. She still can’t stand it when she sees both of them together. She carried her Laptop and went to her Room. She knew the following day was Tunde’s Birthday so she had formulated a plan.

The next day, she knew Stephanie take green Tea every morning so she formulated a plan with the house maid to put a stress pill in her tea. She wanted to stop Stephanie from going to that party. Later that afternoon, She put on a sexy Gold gown, with Gold chain and ear rings, She rolled her hair into French twist and she put on her make up. She knew she was looking dashing.

She walked down to Stephanie’s room, knocked at her door and went in. Stephanie was lying down on the bed and Lisa was sitting at the edge. She had a wet cloth placed on top of Stephanie’s head.

“What’s going on” Feigning surprise, She asked
“She has been having this splitting headache since morning and no amount of drug could ease her” Lisa answered.
“Awwww, sorry dear, that means you won’t be able to go to Tundes party”
“No, I cant, I can barely stand, could you please explain for me” Stephanie replied painfully.
“I will dear, if this is getting serious, go to the hospital”
With that statement she turned and left the room

She got to Tundes hours some hours later, she has seen some of the company workers but she was scanning the room for Tunde, Immediately she saw him, She ran to him and hugged him. She explained why Stephanie couldn’t come. Tunde mood changed but he nodded and left her standing.

After the party and all the guest left, Tunde saw Mariah sitting at the corner in the living room
“Why are you still here since everyone else is gone” He asked
“I need to clean up for you since you are too drunk to do that “ Mariah answered
“oh that,” He scratched his head “I was too occupied to notice I had too much to drink and someone keeps handing me this wine”

Mariah laughed and she moved closer to him, She touched his hair,neck and she traced her hand over his chest
“What the hell are you doing” He tried to push her away
“Come on, stop it, Im here to take care of you” She pushed him gently on the chair
“You know, I can’t do it, am dating your sister for Christ sake”
“She doesn’t need to know” She kissed him and opened his shirt
“Just relax”. She smiled to herself, she knew her plan had already worked out so she just need to enjoy the moment.

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  1. Mariah na real big for nothing, going after her younger sister’s guy, she’s shameless .

  2. Needs work in the grammar and capitalization but I am enjoying the drama these sisters bring.

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